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New Disney Dooney and Bourke Makes A Surprise Appearance!

I didn’t even know there was a new Disney Dooney and Bourke on the horizon! Am I surprised? No, I am not. There have been so many new designs of Disney Dooney and Bourke’s over the course of this year that I find it hard to keep up…. both with writing about them and keeping my wallet full enough to buy them! The newest Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection is entitled “Hearts and Bows” and is absolutely adorable. Allow me to introduce it to you.

disney doooney and bourke hearts and bows

The above are the 2 styles available in this new “Hearts and Bow” design. It’s quite clear this is a Minnie Mouse design because bows are to Minnie as pink is my signature color! Minnie loves bows! I believe the hearts are to represent Minnie Mouse’s love of bows. Is that the real thought behind the design? Who knows. It’s my interpretation, though!

disney dooney and bourke hearts and bows

We all know that the letter carrier design is one of my favorites. I love that it is the perfect size to bring to the Parks and is super easy to carry around. This particular Disney pattern consists of 4 main colors: red, black, white and pink.I like that the trim on the strap and along the perimeter of the bag is in red. It gives it a little extra pop. As of now, this bag is not available at the Disney Store online. It just came out this weekend! It is available at Mouse To Your House, though! You can find it HERE!!!

disney dooney and bourke hearts and bows

The wristlet is  of the same “Hearts and Bows” pattern but in a smaller, more compact design. The wristlet could technically fit inside of the letter carrier and be used as a wallet, but it would take up much of the room. It has the same red trim to create a color pop as the letter carrier. This one is available HERE, at Mouse To Your House.

What do you think of the newest Disney Dooney and Bourke?? It looks a lot like the “Sketch”  design but it is a different design, I assure you. Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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