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New Disney Parks Starbucks Merchandise Revealed!!

I love Disney and I love Starbucks. I admit that when Disney replaced some of my favorite coffee spots with Starbucks, I was one of the true die hard Disney fans that was not happy with the change. It didn’t matter that I drank Starbucks as my coffee of choice outside of Disney property. I have slowly gotten used to it though, and with this new development, I am surely more on board. The new co-branded Disney and Starbucks merchandise was revealed and it is awesome! I think I may need to replace a few of my old mugs… or just buy a bunch of new ones!

Here’s what we know. The new merchandise will be available exclusively at Disney-operated locations that serve Starbucks products. This means that you should be able to find the products at multiple locations through out the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Parks. Starting at the end of this month,  Disney Parks guests, in both California and Florida, will be able to buy the majority of the following merchandise (see pictures below): 24oz acrylic tumblers (I love my plain Starbucks one and bring it to work with me all the time) as well as the mugs they are calling “you are here” mugs which are Park specific. Apparently, there will also by 12oz ceramic travel mugs appearing at the Walt Disney World Resort but that won’t be until a bit later.


For the “you are here” mugs, I am a little over excited, I admit. Many of you know that I am a collector of all things Disney and to be able to capture the individual parks on their own coffee mug with a Starbucks twist is just awesome! These mugs will only be available in their respective parks, though, so collecting them will take some work. A true collector doesn’t mind that at all and loves the thrill of the chase.  The artwork is playful, colorful and perfectly depicts the individuality of each theme park. Note that each theme park mug has it’s own color. Also, note that the Sorcerer’s Hat is not on the Disney’s Hollywood Studios mug now that it is in the process of being completely removed.




California is represented as well with a mug for both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure! I feel like there are times when Disneyland gets left out so I was very happy to see that they got their own mugs. Aside from that, this also means that anyone who is collecting the mugs can collect from coast to coast!


Are you all as excited as I am for the new co-branded merchandise?? What’s your favorite part of the collection? Let me know in the comment box below!!!


Thanks to Orlando Parks News for the photos.

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