New Disney Princess Comics Collection Now Available at Target

Hey there, Disney Princess fans! If you’re ready for some new stories (and merchandise!) starring your favorite Disney Princesses, look no further than the brand new comics collection, now available exclusively at Target. The comic art style provides a fresh and witty look at the Disney Princesses. The collection includes graphic novels, figures, and apparel.


Our favorite fairy tales get a modern twist with the new Disney Princess Comics line at Target. The Disney Princess Comics line features hardcover graphic novels from Joe Books, figures from Hasbro and apparel from Hybrid Promotions, all available exclusively at Target and The collection is based on the art style from the popular Disney Princess Comics from Joe Books.

The children’s shirts are a cute way for your own little Princess to show off her Princess Power and #PrincessLife. With back to school season upon us, these casual shirts are definitely getting an A+ from me! But let’s talk more about the actual comics!

Created by cartoonist and illustrator Amy Mebberson, the bite-sized comic strip stories follow the Disney Princesses as they face the hilarious day-to-day situations of their worlds. Drawn with a unique art style and infused with relatable charm, the comics provide a fresh new take on some of Disney’s most iconic and beloved characters. Just look at this hilarious take on Pocahontas’s dive into the water.

“With the growth of the kids comics category, we felt this is the perfect opportunity to portray our beloved Princesses through visual storytelling,” said Tonya Agurto, Senior Vice President and Global Publisher, Disney Publishing Worldwide. “This new comic format tells the Princesses’ stories like they’ve never been told before.”

The Disney Princess Comics line includes graphic novels, figures, and apparel featuring Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Rapunzel. Here are a few more sneak peeks at what you can expect from this brand new comics.





Each Disney Princess will star in her own collection of comic strips bound in a hardcover graphic novel, published by Joe Books. The comic strips take the reader on laugh-out-loud adventures of the Disney Princesses in their worlds.

The Disney Princess Comics line is available now at Target and

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