New Exclusive Sequined Aulani Backpacks From Loungefly

Sequined Aulani Backpacks

Oh Aulani, you are such a beautiful paradise, and you have so many gorgeous exclusives too! I am positively smitten over the newest Sequined Aulani Backpacks as well. Currently you can find a stunning Shaved Ice backpack, and a Aulani variation of the Belle of the Bronze backpack.

We have seen the shaved Mickey ice before as a crossbody, but I am loving it as a backpack! The rainbow sequins recreate the delicious syrupy ice, complete with three-dimensional ears. Even the ears have the same swirly rainbow design! The bottom and front pocket of the bag are a bright and fun green, just like one of the cups you can get this treat in. Bonus, there is also an absolutely perfect little Papalua shaved ice zipper pull on the front pocket!

Another fabulous find is the Aulani twist on the Bell of the Ball Bronze! I actually like this bag a lot more than the original too. This is an all-over sequin style, instead of just the pocket and bow. The bow is a sleek faux black leather, with a shimmery Plumeria medallion in the center. Seriously, this is the best Belle of the Bronze bag if you ask me!

If the bag wasn’t awesome enough, you can also coordinate with an Aulani variation of the Bell of the Ball Bronze ears too! They have the iconic hidden Mickey Plumeria blossoms we’ve come to know and love from Aulani ears too.

These too cute for words Sequined Aulani Backpacks, and ears are available exclusively to Disney’s Hawaiian resort. I guess that means we’ll need to plan a trip there soon!

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