The Bronze Collection At Aulani Is Exactly What I’d Envisioned!

The Belle of the Ball Bronze Collection was just released a short time ago on the mainland but, compared to the Bronze collection at Aulani, it doesn’t shine quite so brightly. This is just my opinion, of course, but the Bronze Collection at Aulani is what I had envisioned the collection should look like!

Let’s talk about the Loungefly mini backpack. I wasn’t quite as in love with the mainland’s collection as I was hoping to be. I was expecting full-on sequins like the Arendelle Aqua or Rose gold collection. This backpack, though…. this is what I wanted! Bronze and black sequins covering the entire backpack with just a bit of faux leather trim. Adding that Plumeria to the center of the bow is just the icing on the cake. It’s spectacular!


I’ll say it again. This is exactly what I thought the Bronze ears should look like (minus the flowers, of course). I love that the ears are sequined! This is my dream pair of ears. Now, the flowers. They add even more magic! The center of the flowers have a glittery Mickey head sparkling brightly. I have a friend at Aulani right now and she made sure to grab me a pair of these beauties!


If you have been to Aulani, you know that the Plumeria is a common thread throughout the merchandise. It is Hawaii, after all! The Spirit Jersey for this collection features the lettering in bronze and that’s pretty much it. The bottom half of the jersey is filled with the floral pattern I’ve come to know and love!

Now this fabulous Bronze Collection from Aulani is not available online. If you are wanting these exclusive Aulani items, you will need a personal shopper. We recommend @hawaiishopper on IG and her site is She can actually get you anything from Hawaii but this is Disney Fashionista, after all! Just tell her we sent you when you message her and she will take excellent care of you!

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Which collection do you prefer? Mainland or Aulani? Let us know in the comments!

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