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New Harveys Bags Released For The Disneyland Diamond Celebration!

I have been waiting for the new Harveys for Disney bags, for the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, to be released for what feels like forever. The time has finally come and I am not disappointed. I feel like these vintage designs truly are bringing me back in time. I am loving the designs and the fact that they are made out of seatbelts still astounds me.Wait till you see these bags! In fact, allow me to show you all the new designs and you tell me whether or not you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to each attraction.

harveys disneyland fantasyland bag

This Harveys bag is a throw back to Fantasyland, as it says. I am loving that it has vintage images of all the attractions we know and love of the Fantasyland at Disneyland. One thing people always say, is that Harveys bags are very sturdy. I feel like you can see that in this design. It also looks like it could weigh a bit but I could be wrong.

harveys for disneyland haunted mansion bag

The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite attractions so the fact that it has its own Harveys bag makes me very happy. Don’t you just love  the design?? It’s one of the old posters for the attraction transformed into a purse! Come on!?!?! That’s a wicked awesome concept.

harveys for disneyland peter pan bag

Peter Pan has always been my favorite attraction in Fantasyland. Long before the new queue at Walt Disney World, I was still willing to wait in line. I don’t have kids. I liked it for me! This Peter Pan Harveys for Disney bag is a perfect tribute to such a wonderful attraction.

harveys for disneyland pirates of the carribean bag

This is the bag for Pirates of the Caribbean. Note, that it is clearly for Disneyland as it shows the location as New Orleans Square. Proof that this bag is a tribute to Disneyland Resort for it’s 60th birthday!

harveys for disneyland enchanted tiki room bag

Are you singing right now? I immediately started singing… “in the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room…..” This bag is perfect for one the most classic and iconic attractions, the Enchanted Tiki room. It holds a special place in my heart and my best friend and her husband are probably trying to figure out what they could possibly use this bag for! Tiki fan doesn’t begin to describe my best friend’s husband. I am loving the homage to the classic attractions.

All of the new Harveys for Disney bags were released for the Disneyland Diamond Celebration and are all $198. They are available in select stores at the Disneyland Resort. As of this moment, they are not available online from Disney but you can find them all over ebay. Your best bet is to go to the Disneyland Diamond Celebration! Who wouldn’t want to do that??

What do you think of the new Harveys bags?? Do you have a favorite?? Let us know in the comment box below!

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