New Haunted Mansion Merchandise Coming To Walt Disney World

Haunted Mansion Merchandise

The Haunted Mansion celebrates its 50th anniversary at Disneyland this month! To commemorate the occasion not only will new Haunted Mansion Merchandise materialize at Disneyland, but Walt Disney World will also get some of the ghoulish delights too.



The fun glowing ghost jars from Disneyland will also be available at Walt Disney World! These are part of the brand new Host-A-Ghost collection! Madame Leota invites all the guests of the Haunted Mansion to become caretakers to one of its “999 Restless Spirits.” With a simple tap and a ghostly giggle, Leota will channel your spirit to materialize for you. You will receive a “death certificate” that officiates your role of caretaker for a resident and happy haunt from the Haunted Mansion. Guests can choose from a selection of dearly departed souls, including Constance Hatchaway, Professor Phineas Plump, The Hatbox Ghost, among others.


Guests will find commemorative items such as an ear hat, ornament, mug, magnet and even a toy replica of the doom buggy vehicle with glow and new sound features at Memento Mori.

In addition to the new Mickey Ear hat, guests will also find light-up Haunted Mansion Mickey Ears! These are a headband, with clear ears that light up.

Stop by the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, and you will find the Haunted-Mansion inspired Dooney & Bourke collection including a tote and crossbody bag. Passholders will have an exclusive satchel just for them!

The highly anticipated Madame Leota Funko POP! will also be making her haunting debut. This spook-tacular vinyl figure even glows in the dark.

Pin collections can check out the Frontier Trading Post for the commemorative “day of” pin, mystery pin collection! This is a limited release pin collection, that features some of our favorite haunts from the Mansion.

The fright-tastic new Haunted Mansion Merchandise celebrating the 50th anniversary will be available beginning August 9th! Also, be on the lookout for special Photopass opportunities and deviously delicious snacks inspired by the iconic attraction.

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