New Marvel Heroes Makeup Collection From Sephora

Marvel Heroes Makeup Collection

Sephora has released an epic new collection of cosmetics inspired by our favorite Marvel heroes! The new Marvel Heroes Makeup Collection from Sephora brings Earth’s mightiest heroes to life in a bold and colorful way.

Unfortunately, this collection is currently only for Sephora locations in China and South East Asia! My hero lovin’ heart might be a little broken about that. It’s sold out quickly on the Thailand and Singapore Sephora sites, but you can still find everything available on the China Sephora website.


The collection features makeup, skin care, and beauty tools inspired by Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor. From vivid eye shadow pallets to stunning lip colors, there’s a little something for every Avengers fan.

Because I have a brush problem, I’m completely mesmerized by these crystalline like brushes. Each style of brush features a silver ferrule that has a different Avenger’s icon emblazoned in red upon it.

Another one of my beauty weaknesses is sheet masks. I probably have more than I’ll ever be able to use in my lifetime, but I still need a set or five of these beauties.


Captain America’s shield is ready to rescue us from pale cheek days! The blush is a soft peach and rosy color that is imprinted to look like Cap’s iconic shield.

This Black Widow’s kiss won’t be deadly, at least not in the literal sense. But it’s sure to make your smile drop dead gorgeous! The lip colors are available in three shades, and each one has a gold glitter gloss attached with it!

If you look a more subtle look for your lips, there is also the lip calm trio! This set features three egg-shaped balms with the Avenger’s logo.

T’Challa is ready to brighten our days with a sensational highlighter palette. This palette features four shimmering colors to highlight in a variety of ways.

Thor is dropping the hammer down for an eye shadow quad that’s ready to rock, like a Viking ship!

If you are looking to get even more adventurous with your colors, there is also a full Avengers book of shadows with colors inspired by Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Thor.

We all know that Iron Man is about utility and staying on the go. Which makes it perfect that he is the featured star of the Eyeshadow Pen! This handy pin has a neutral beige on one end, and a rosy shadow on the other.


Last but not least is the Captain America Perfume Atomizer. This epic item is perfect for carrying your favorite perfume on the go! You can open the lid and pour any fragrance of your choice inside, so you can be ready to spritz a little on wherever your adventures take you.

The Marvel Heroes Makeup Collection is currently available in Singapore, Thailand, and China. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement on if it will be distributed in other countries at this time.

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