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New Minnie Mouse Couture Tattoos By Tattoo Junkee!

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As most of you know, I was blessed to attend the D23 Expo this weekend and I met the most incredible people and saw the best of all the new merchandise. I also met some vendors that introduced me to new Disney products that you have to have. One of those new Disney products is the Minnie Mouse Couture Tattoos by Tattoo Junkee!

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Above, you see both of the tattoo kits I want to talk about today. The smaller, Minnie Mouse shaped, package consists of nail or cuticle tattoos. Something I learned this weekend is that the new trend in nails is extending the look to the cuticles. I had never thought of it but I tried it and it was pretty cool! They last quite a while, too! I think I am not quite as trendy as I would like to be because I see myself using them on the actual nails. The bows are gorgeous. These are not cheesy, kids nail/cuticle tattoos. These are clearly above that and are considered a couture line.  There are 2 sheets included in the package and they are only $6!


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Above, you see the 2 sheets included in the larger package. These are couture wrist, arm and even neck tattoos! They last 7-10 days, which I didn’t believe could be true… until I tried them! I still have them on and it’s been 5 days. They haven’t faded or peeled at all. I have even tried to scrub them off and they haven’t budged. Now, if this is a problem, you can always remove them with baby oil but that kind of defeats the purpose of finding long lasting, non permanent tattoos!

I love the color pallette. It is very high end. As you can see, if you look closely, Minnie Mouse can be seen in a few of the strips as well as in the collar tattoo, seen in the first picture of the sheets above. The gold really pops and doesn’t look cheap at all. I had so many people asking me about them this weekend and I sent every single one of them over to the Tattoo Junkee booth!

These larger packets are only $16 and they can be found at Kohls, along with the smaller ones. They can also be found on Tattoo Junkee’s website HERE.

I  am in love with this collection of Minnie Mouse couture tattoos. In fact, if you follow me on FB, you may have seen the collectors kit we are giving away of the limited edition, D23 Expo collectors kits. They are stunning and signed by many of the artists. Stay tuned for that give away later this week! In the meantime, head to Kohls for the ones I’ve shown you here and check out the website at!

What do you think of these new tattoos? Do you love them? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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