The New Minnie Mouse Signature Collection Is The Perfect Way To Start Off The New Year!

It’s a new year and that means time for new Disney collections. We didn’t have to wait long for the appearance of a brand new Minnie Mouse Collection and I am super grateful for that!!  Minnie Mouse is my style icon and she does not let me down with this new collection. There are about 8 items I want right now! The new Minnie Mouse signature collection is the perfect way to start off the new year!


We all know that Minnie Mouse the original Disney fashionista. This Minnie Mouse tote bag totally makes that clear. I am loving the colors of this entire collection. Black, white and yellow. With the whole Rock The Dots movement of 2016, red, black and white were the popular, and most well known, color combination. It is awesome to see them mix it up! She looks fantastic and she still has her signature bow!


This Minnie Mouse Signature wallet would go perfectly inside the tote bag, don’t you agree? I am not sure what it is about polka dots and bows but I love the combination. These would be perfect for Spring!


We all remember the Sephora Disney compacts from last Spring. This one is Minnie Mouse and it is way more affordable! Can you believe this Minnie Mouse compact is only $16.95?! This inside that tote?! Perfection!


I want to be her! This Minnie Mouse Signature Mug is ruining me. I have NO MORE room in my cupboards for another mug but this one is must have for me! I want the outfit. I want the bags she has. I want her attitude. I need this mug. Period.

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Can I wear the scarf with the pajamas? Don’t put it past me. I love the long sleeve pjs with the shirts. I find that both long sleeves and long pants is too hot but both short sleeves is too cold. This is the perfect combo.

The scarf has the most darling, fashionable images of Minnie Mouse and would look incredible with a yellow, Spring ensemble! It will be mine. I don’t need a whole new cupboard for this!

There is even more to look at in the Minnie Mouse Signature Collection  but I am going to let you check it out on your own. It is currently available at the Disney Store online! I am dying to know what piece is your favorite because I am having a very hard deciding myself. Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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