New Star Wars Alex And Ani Bangles Revealed!

With all the hype from the new (not so new now) Star Wars movie, it is not shocking that we are going to see more and more Star Wars merchandise revealed. Don’t you agree? The newest batch of Star Wars Alex and Ani bangles have been revealed and they are definitely out of this world.


I have admitted before that I am not exactly a Star Wars fan. I suppose I could be, if I had seen any of the movies. (I am in that 1%). I do, however, like these new bangles. The debut will be on February 15! These are expandable wire bangles featuring classic Star Wars characters and phrases including Yoda, “Do Or Do Not… There Is No Try,” and Princess Leia and Han Solo, “I Love You. I Know.” Both of these pieces will come in RAFAELIAN GOLD and RAFAELIAN SILVER finishes. I do like that these designs will come in both finishes because, sometimes, they only release in one finish and I find those don’t get as much love.


An expression we all know and love can also now be found on an Alex and Ani bangle! These will be in a more shiny finish, of both gold and silver.

You may remember that there were other Star Wars Alex and Ani bangles released a few months ago and you can learn more about those HERE, in case you missed it.

Are you excited about the new releases coming your way on February 15th?? Which design do you like more? Let us know in the comment box below!




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