New Toy Story Pandora Collection And More Coming Soon

Exciting news Toy Story loving Disney Fashionistas! There is a new Toy Story Pandora Collection debuting as part of Pandora’s summer launch! These playful new charms will be leaping out of the toy box on May 30th!

The Art of Pandora has discovered a sneak peek at the new Toy Story charms coming soon as part of the Summer collection. This collection will have FOUR charms, including three dangles, and one slider. Buzz, Woody, and Jessie are joined by one of the faithful green Aliens for a playfully stylish round-up.

The Green Alien charm is a sliding bead, that you can’t help but say Ooooooo when you look at it. A raised emblem of Pizza Planet can be seen on the Alien’s suit, while a touch of blue enamel adds contrast. The Alien Charm will retail for $55.00.

Buzz is blasting off to infinity and beyond with this dangle charm. Not only is every detail of his suit carefully sculpted on this charm, but the iconic catchphrase is even engraved on the ring! A tiny dash of red and blue is added to the “buttons” of Buzz’s suit for a splash of color. Buzz will be available for $75.00.

Howdy partner! The Woody charm is splendid with a detailed cowboy hat, and a yellow sheriff badge. “You’ve got a friend in me” is inscribed on the loop of this charm. I bet this would make a great besties gift too! Woody will retail for $55.00.

Oh my goodness the Jessie charm has black and white enamel cowhide pants! They really did cover all the details with these amazing charms. A splash of yellow goes across Jessie’s shirt to pull together the look. There is nothing inscribed in the loop of the Jessie charm, but a gorgeous crystal has been embedded to add shimmer. Jessie will also be available for $55.00.

You can look for the new Toy Story Pandora Collection beginning May 30th. That’s not the only collection to look forward to this season though…


It looks like a new Lion King collection will also be debuting this summer. The new collection will bring the circle of style home from the Pride Lands on July 4th.

The collection will feature four charms and a Simba bangle!

The Lion King charms will include:

  • A heart-shaped Simba and Nala charm
  • A Hakuna Matata charm featuring Timon, Pumba, and Simba
  • A  Circle of Life charm featuring Simba and Mufasa
  • And a Simba Adult charm, featuring grown-up Simba

We’re eagerly awaiting new information on the Lion King collection, and will let you know as soon as we find out more!

What do you think of the new Toy Story Pandora Collection and Lion King assortment coming soon?

Image Source:The Art of Pandora for Toy Story Images

Thanks to Flair.Be for the images of the Lion King Pandora charms!

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