New Whimsical And Fun Pixar Forever Disney Collection

Pixar Forever Disney Collection

The newest Oh My Disney collection to arrive is the fabulous Pixar Forever Disney Collection. Another installment of the Forever Disney line, this new assortment brings beloved places from Pixar film to life!

The iconic “Pixar Universe” locations of Pizza Planet, Al’s Toy Barn, Gusteau’s, and Harryhausen’s have left the big screen, to join us in the real world! We can now enjoy “swag” from these iconic locations, like fashion and accessories!

Pizza Planet is celebrated by the incredible Claw Machine purse we checked out earlier, a baseball cap, and a Pizza Peel! The pizza peel even has etched Alien silhouettes on it. You can also get into character with t-shirts designed to be like employee shirts!

We can get a taste of Gusteau’s from Ratatouille with a Remy salt and pepper shaker, and a ceramic storage jar inspired by Gusteau’s famous sauce.

Al’s Toy Barn is showcased with a canvas tote bag and a playful Staff T-shirt.

Harryhausen’s offers up a monstrous array of Sushi inspired goodies! From actual functioning eatery items like chopsticks, and a bento box, to fanciful stationary and pins, there’s a little something scary for all Monsters Inc. friends.

This whimsical Pixar Forever Disney Collection is leaping out of the animated world, and into our hearts at the Disney Store, and online now at

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