Olaf Is Giving You Warm Hugs With This Loungefly Mini Backpack!

I love warm hugs and we all know that Olaf does, too. If you weren’t convinced before, check out this Olaf mini backpack from Loungefly!

Olaf’s arms are literally extended to give you warm hugs on this delightful, sparkly mini backpack. Loungefly has literally taken over my closet thanks to all of these amazing little backpacks and this one will be the next to join my Disney Fashionista closet.


The arms are an adorable feature, true, but look at the sparkle and shine. The bag consists of many white sequins. It literally looks like this mini backpack is made of snow! That’s not an easy feat. Bravo, Loungefly!

The lining is a fun print of Olaf and Snowgie! The blue really stands out against the white in the best way. And, why is it that the blue and white design makes me feel cold? What is it about those colors? Whatever it is, it’s working for me.

This Olaf mini backpack is available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I have not yet spotted it personally but it has been reportedly seen. It is, however, on shopDisney as well! This is much easier to find and it can be found HERE.

Are you wanting to get some warm hugs from Olaf?

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