The Oscar Tiye Minnie Shoes Are a Must Have For A Disney Fashionista!

It was quite a while ago that I shared one of my shoe shopping finds with my fellow fashionistas. What I didn’t know at the time, was that these fabulous shoes would resurface each season with a slightly different twist. Now that I know more about them, it is time to share the ultimate details with you all. Why? It is simple…. the Oscar Tiye Minnie shoes are a must have for a Disney fashionista!


I am sure you all remember when I shared the black version of the Minnie shoe with you back in the Spring. What I didn’t know then was that this shoe came in many colors and even styles. Did you know there was a chunky, shorter version (see below)? Vogue knew! They featured the shoes in September. The brand is building quite a name for itself!


As I mentioned, but in case you missed it, the brand is Oscar Tiye. The company is relatively new, in terms of designer brands, and was created in 2013. It’s quite well known among the A listers in Hollywood and is growing in popularity with a great many Disney fashionista. There are many articles out there discussing the brand and it’s growing popularity and I am going to let you check that out for yourself. I would start HERE, on the company’s site. I, personally, want to talk about the different Minnie shoes!



This pair is my absolute favorite and they are available online right now. There aren’t many sites that have them but I managed to find one and I am debating on whether or not to splurge to wear them to my annual Oscar Party. Why did I say splurge? You probably caught that I said these are popular with Hollywood A listers and maybe the fact I called them designer. They also come with a designer price tag. I am okay with that, for a super special pair of shoes!! These fall into that category. These are the Minnie Platinum Glitter High Heel Sandal and they retail for $658. The lining is pink and they are glittery and sparkly and FABULOUS! I can see why Hollywood has fallen in love.




The Minnie shoes you see above are all part of the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. There was a trunk show, where you could pre purchase items from this collection…. and I missed it. I am kicking myself now but I will be the first in line to check out those chunky Minnie Mouse heels when they hit stores this Spring! I have started following Oscar Tiye on FB so I can stay up to date and, if you love these designs as much as I do, I recommend you do the same!

I hope that helps those of you that are constantly asking where the Minnie shoes came from and how you get them. I felt your pain and frustration! I google the Oscar Tiye Minnie shoe and search for the ones I want. Believe it or not, you can find them and they are available… if you are okay with the price tag.

What do you think of the Oscar Tiye Minnie shoes? Are you a fan? Is there one particular design or color you like more? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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