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Pandora Disney Charms Available Monday- Preorder yours!


It’s almost time for the Pandora charms to be released! I’ve heard vicious rumors that some Pandora stores have released the non park exclusive charms early. I decided to investigate and it turns out that it is true at a few locations but not the majority. My local Pandora store informed me that they won’t be releasing theirs till November 8th, which is 5 days later than originally mentioned. It is definitely a hit or miss situation. That being said, Disney is sticking to their word that they will have the charms at the Disney parks on Monday November 3rd, They will not be available online at the disneystore.com until a couple of weeks later. I got a sneak peak at the rest of the 16 Disney Parks exclusive charms, thanks to charmsaddict.com. Let’s take a closer look at the collection.


In one of our previous Pandora articles, we discussed the Mickey Mania and MInnie Sparkling Ear Hat charms. As you can see, there are many other fabulous parks exclusive charms that are headed our way. I personally adore the Mickey Swirls charm with it’s swirly Mickey heads and less flashy, non-sparkly ease. It will go so well with some of the flashier charms, like the Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat, my next favorite. This one is reminiscent of the soon to be lost Sorcerer’s hat at Hollywood Studios. It’s got the flash of color and it’s a dangle charm which mixes so nicely with the beads. I am definitely going to be grabbing these two to start my bracelet.


Being an avid Disney Cruise Line lover, I will most assuredly be getting the Disney Cruise Line Ships charm. It looks like a ship and has the logo on it! It makes me want to book my next cruise (which I just did yesterday). A surprise addition to me is the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa charm. Considering it is not actually one of the parks, it is  an interesting addition. However if I use this logic, the Cruise Line charm shouldn’t be there either, and I love it, so bring on Aulani! The Animal Kingdom charm, with it’s green tree of life is a perfect tribute to Disney’s most recent park addition.


It has been mentioned early on in the release announcements, that there would be a Disney Parks exclusive bracelet to go along with the beads. The above picture is that bracelet and has a charm included with it depicting the parks. It will be a great start to any new collector’s charm bracelet with that extra added Disney magic.

As I said, these charms will be available at Disney Parks this coming Monday November 3rd. There is great anticipation for these charms and they are expected to move quickly. With the lapse between the release at the parks and the release online, you may be wondering how you will get your hands on them if you aren’t going to be going to the parks any time soon. Courtney from Mousetoyourhouse.com has solved that problem for us. She will be taking preorders for all the parks exclusive charms and will be there early opening day to attain the desired charms. If you are interested in preordering yours, just contact Courtney here at Mousetoyourhouse, and place your order! She even ships internationally!

I know you are all as excited as I am for this new venture between Disney and Pandora. I know many of you have a list of those charms you want already, just as I do, before even having seen them in person! Good luck to you all and happy shopping!

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