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Passholder Pride Pop-Sockets


Passholder Pride on Etsy has released some incredible Pop-sockets.

The pop-sockets are inspired by various aspects of Disney.

Of course, with the Food and Wine Festival just around the corner, this Figment design is perfect! For me, this is a must-have.

Pop-sockets are so affordable it’s easy to have multiples for different seasons or moods. If the Food and Wine Festival isn’t your thing perhaps one with your favorite character is more up your alley.

Another one of my favorites is this Porg Pop-socket. I have a running joke that we have Benny and the Jett’s but now we have Chewy and the Porgs.

Anyway they, and Chewy, are my favorite Star Wars characters so of course, it makes sense that I’d include this one.

Last but not least I chose to feature Belle because anyone who knows me or reads my articles knows that Belle is my absolute favorite. I really wish I was a Passholder just so I could have this on my phone for all the Belle meet and greets that I know will happen.


You can buy these and other designs HERE.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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