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Pin Up All Your Ideas With Disney Mickey Mouse Tacks

Did you know you can add Disney touches to your office? These Disney Mickey Mouse Tacks are perfect for sprucing up your office space with just a small touch of Disney style.

We here in the Disney Fashionista family are always looking for new and unique ways to add touches of Disney to our lives. We talk a lot about fashion (obviously) and we also love to give advice on how to spruce up your Disney inspired home. But what is really comes down to is those small little details. Many people might not even notice these little Disney touches, but you will know they are there, and that is all that matters. Today’s Etsy discovery is definitely a small touch, but still super cute and fun!

Everyone needs their office supplies to have a bit of magic in them so here is the perfect touch. Mickey Mouse Tacks! You never knew you needed them – but now you do!

Each pack comes with 12 tacks, 4 medium-sized and 8 small. There are 5 color pack combos to choose from as well.

Mr. Mouse – Black, Red, White, Yellow

Angry Duck – Blue, White, Red, Yellow

Best Friend – Yellow, Green, Black

The Goof – Neon Green, Orange, Black, Blue

Mrs. Mouse – Black, Red, White, Pink

Um, can I have one of each pack, please? I have a lot of great fashion ideas I need to pin up!

The tacks are embedded into the plastic to avoid any bulkiness and to ensure their staying power. Please keep in mind, these are made on a 3d printer and assembled by hand. There may be minor imperfections. Any imperfections will not alter the usability of these tacks, but will only add to their unique quality.

Are you ready to pin up all your ideas with these Disney Mickey Mouse Tacks? Head over to AbuzzDesigns on Etsy HERE to check them out. Each pack is $10.00.

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