Pixar Slow Cooker Is Perfect For Any Disney Kitchen!

I may be a bit behind the times with this post but I still feel like sharing it. It sold out early on and is now back available so I think it’s well worth sharing this Pixar slow cooker that is perfect for any Disney kitchen!

2016-02-09 12_21_34-Disney Pixar 7-Quart Oval Slow Cooker - JCPenney


This Pixar slow cooker was originally only available at D23 Expo last August. I am not sure how it became available at JCPenney but it is!!! It sold out very quickly last week, as I said, but it is back in stock and ready for purchase! It has all of our favorite Pixar characters on it and would work perfectly in any Disney kitchen! If you want to get one for yourself, and haven’t already done so, you can Shop and get yours through the link!


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