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Ring in the New Year with New Mickey Ears!

Can you believe that 2017 is coming to an end? Last year, I started a tradition of hosting a New Year’s Eve party at my house. I invite our close friends, make a few appetizers, pull out some games, and we celebrate the new year is a laid back, stress free environment. And, while I love this new tradition, my favorite New Year’s Eve event was not held in my home. I bet you can guess where I celebrated my favorite New Year’s party. That’s right, Disney World! I rang in 2012 at Epcot and nothing else has been able to top it yet!

Whether your headed to Disney Parks for the New Year or celebrating at home with friends and family, there is no better way to ring in the New Year than with new Mickey ears! After all, you have to let 2018 know that you’re a serious Disney fan! These Mickey Ears from Etsy are some of my top picks for this year’s festivities.

2018 Happy New Year Ears

With these festive ears you have the choice between black and gold for the main color. I’m traditionalist, so I love the black. But the gold would really sparkle during those New Year’s Eve fireworks at Magic Kingdom! Another great thing about these ears is that you can order the headband size you need! No more headaches from too-tight headbands. No more adult sized ears slipping off young children’s head. These ears are available in infant to adults sizes! You can find them on Etsy from APPLEMINTHOUSE.

Black and Gold Minnie Ears

These black and gold Minnie Mouse ears do not skimp on sparkle or shine! Let’s break down all the different sparkle going on here…. First, the ears themselves are covered in shiny black sequins for an ultra glam and classy start. Second, on top of the ears you can see gold and silver beads which will perfectly catch the light and reflect back. Third, the number 18 is covered in glitter for a bit of extra dazzle. Finally, the whole thing is topped up with one sequined and shiny gold bow. Really, you can’t go wrong with this beauty! You can find it on Etsy from JennyLolaEars.

Black Lace Ears

Remember when I said I was a traditionalist? When these ears are totally right up my alley! I just love the chic and timeless appeal of these black lace ears! The actual ears are covered in a gorgeous black lace, allowing the white underlay to show through. And to add some glitz and glam, these ears feature a super chic black sequined bow. These would be perfect for celebrating the new year in the France Pavilion at Epcot. Tres chic! Saunter on over to HappilyEarAfter on Etsy to check them out.

Rose Gold Lives On In 2018

2017 was the year of the rose gold ears! Disney fans went nuts for the Disney Park rose gold ears, which sold out multiple times. But even though rose gold was big in 2017, I really don’t see it losing on power in 2018. And with these ears, the rose gold craze will definitely live on! The black sequined ears are the perfect base for the stunning rose gold bow! These ears are perfect for any Disney Fashionista who wants to ring in the new year in style. Check them out on Etsy from HappilyEarAfter.

Go All Out In 2018

Okay, these ears are seriously so fun! Obviously from this post you can tell that I have a bit of a bias to black and gold designs for the New Year’s. But it’s a classic color combo that will look great with any outfit! Anyways, these ears are just wonderful! For the most sparkle ever, you’ve got black sequined ears, a gold sequined bow, and sparkly gold and silver ribbon curls. Now that’s a lot of sparkle! But there is more! These ears also feature a puff of black feathers and a 2018 crown. You’ll be the belle of the ball with these New Year’s ears! You can find them on Etsy from  PlayItByEars.

Which ears are your favorite? Let me know your favorite design and your New Year’s Eve plans in the comment section below.

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