RockLove’s Mulan Jewelry Collection Reveals Our Inner Warriors

We might have to wait a little longer for the new Mulan movie. Luckily, RockLove has a new collection to hold us over! The beautiful new Rock Mulan Jewelry Collection has two assortments! One part of the collection is inspired by the original animated classic. While the other is inspired by the new live-action film.

Mulan Jewelry Collection

I love that the classic collection features Mushu and Cri-kee. Especially since I know we will miss them in the new film.

Mulan Jewelry Collection

Mushu shines fiercely on a couple of different necklaces. Including one that is available in gold, and also silver.

Mulan Jewelry Collection

My favorite piece from the classic collection is the Cri-kee necklace. This necklace features the lucky cricket in his cage. However, the cage actually has a working hinged door! It is seriously perfection.

Mulan’s sword is also featured as a necklace and earrings! The sword is engraved with the words “Find your inner warrior”.

For the live-action inspired collection, we see a lot of red, gold, and silver. Fans, tassels, and plum blossoms also seem to be the main design themes as well.

The fans and tassels have a very classic period look to them. I feel they also fit in really well with the tone of the new film too.

Mulan Jewelry Collection

Lastly, we have the plum blossom pieces! The plum blossom has a lot of symbolism in Chinese culture and was a very present theme throughout the original film.

Fans will find three different plum blossom inspired necklaces available, as well as a stunning pair of earrings! The earrings coordinate beautifully with all three necklaces too.

You can find the entire Mulan Jewelry Collection from RockLove online now!

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