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RunDisney Avengers 2015 Super Heroes Half Marathon Merchandise Sneak Peek

I am just coming off of the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World but the people on the west coast are just gearing up for the Avengers 2015 Super Heroes Half Marathon! Here is a sneak peek at the merchandise that will be available for the runDisney Avengers 2015 Super Heroes Half Marathon!


If these Avengers Dooney and Bourke bags look familiar, you are not alone. I thought they looked familiar, as well. I took a look back at last year’s Dooney and Bourke Avengers bags and it turns out they are very similar to this year’s. Aside from the tag that states what year the bags are for, the background is white and not black this year. I think it makes the whole look much brighter. I did love the black, though.


“Lock on Target” for an array of character and phrase themed performance tees, tanks, hoodies, jackets and other novelty items that will get your “Pulse Rate Rising” and make a statement letting those around you know “I Did It.” I think my favorite is “See You At The Finish Line” because that sounds like something I would say! LOL!


Many of you know all about the  pre-purchased pins that were available for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, the Avengers Super Heroes 5K and Inaugural Captain America 10K at the Disneyland Resort. Did you know there is also a medal spinner pin reminiscent of a certain super hero logo and an Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Challenge pin, that are available? If magnets are more up your alley, you won’t be disappointed and for those of you who strive to be a head above the rest, you’ll find runner’s headwear themed to different phrases, logos and super heroes for the Half Marathon and Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. I think the headwear is more up my alley. I could wear that working out!

Are you running this weekend?? Good luck! What do you think of all the new runDisney Avengers 2015 Half Marathon Weekend merchandise?? I love the different art concepts they came up with! Let us know what you think in the comment box below!


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