Scentsy Darth Vader Collection Has Us Joining The Dark Side

Scentsy Darth Vader Collection

Scentsy has harnessed the Dark Side of the Force! Maybe not literally, but the new Scentsy Darth Vader Collection has us ready to join the Dark Side! This fierce new collection from Scentsy is ready to blast off on Thursday September 19th!

The Force is definitely with the new Scentsy Darth Vader Warmer and Dark Side fragrance! The epic final chapter of the Star Wars saga lands in theaters this December. Just in time for the momentous occasion, Scentsy is releasing a new Darth Vader Scentsy Warmer, and Star Wars: Dark Side of the Force Scentsy Bar!

As we saw with the Jack Skellington warmer these are popular pieces, and will probably disappear quickly! The Darth Vader warmer is also most impressive. It has a molded design like the iconic Vader bust, and also has a surprise. The back of this warmer has cutout that reveal silhouettes of TIE Fighters! The cut-outs will allow for the TIE Fighter shapes to glow on the wlal of your home.

The Dark Side of the Force – Scentsy Bar has a fully armed and operational fragrance! This fragrance features lavender, Madagascar ginger, vetiver and agarwood! Those are all some of my favorite scents too!

Will you be joining the Dark Side with the new Scentsy Darth Vader Collection?

If you are interested in purchasing these galactic new goodies when they arrive on September 19th, you can make a request with our preferred Scentsy consultant. Just DM the page and you will be added. Please DO NOT solicit business if you are a Scentsy consultant or you will be removed. Thanks!

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