See Geek Couture At It’s Finest from The Her Universe Fashion Show!


I have had many dreams in my life. Haven’t we all? One of them was hatched 2 years ago, while at D23 Expo 2015, and that was to be invited to the Her Universe Fashion Show at Comic Con as media. Flash forward 2 year to Comic Con 2017 and I am at the Her Universe fashion show… as media! I am so beyond thrilled to be able to share all the gook couture from the Her Universe Fashion Show with you!

The Her Universe Fashion Show is something that was created by my friend, Ashley Eckstein only a handful of years ago. This was the 4th year of the event and every year it just gets bigger and better. There were 7 judges this year including Cindy Levitt, Hannah Lee-Kent, Jesse Thaxton, Camille Falciola, Yaya Han, Nicole Myknott (an editor for Disney Style!) and Harley Quinn Smith.

I channeled my inner R2-D2 with my look. I Disney Bounded with my look, as opposed to the cosplay I saw everywhere. I did a video on the FB page explaining the details of my look.

her universe fashion show her universe fashion show

Before getting to the designs, let’s talk about Ashley’s look. She was stunning as always, of course, but this dress was my favorite of all the dresses she has worn. This dress was created by Andrew MacLaine and he made it in 3 days! The inspiration is that dreams really can come true…. Cinderella in her Fairy Godmother moment! This dress was even more spectacular up close.


her universe fashion show
her universe fashion show
Enchanted Rose
her universe fashion show
her universe fashion show
Lilo and Stitch

There were 25 finalists in all and, before letting in the press and the fans, there was a pre judging that took place… kind of like Miss America. I already had an inside look from the booklet given to us as to what I could expect and I was very pleasantly surprised with all of the Disney inspired looks! I was expecting more of  the Marvel, Star Wars and Star Trek looks.

Here are some of my favorite designs.

her universe fashion show
I am Groot
her universe fashion show
The Haute of Te Fiti
her universe fashion show
her universe fashion show
Doctor Strange

For the first time ever there was a tie from the Judges: Rose Ivy for Doctor Strange and Lindsay Meesak Orndorff for Princess Mononoke. The fan vote went to Grace Johnston for her Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy dress.

her universe fashion show
Judge’s pick- Doctor Strange
her universe fashion show
Judge’s pick- Princess Mononoke
her universe fashion show
Fan pick- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show will create a Disney Princess inspired collection for Hot Topic and, for the first time ever, will include accessories and not just apparel! I cannot express my excitement over this!

I can honestly say that this was an experience like no other and I cannot wait to see the winners’ collection appear at Hot Topic!

What do you think of the designs? Do you have a favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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