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Show Off Your Ears with This Wall Display for Minnie Ears

How many of you love to collect ears from Disney? I know I do, I’m always looking for a new, unique option to add to my collection. One problem I have though, I never have a great way to store them. Usually, they are in a bag in my closet or laying on my dresser. I’d much rather have a way to store them and display them nicely. Well if you have a similar storage problem, Display Your Mouse Ears on Etsy has the solution!

Check out their Wall Display for Minnie Ears – Triple Row! The prices start at $70 for a triple row wall hanging display that will keep your ears in one place. You can choose your choice of fabric and wood base color. Wood colors are black, white, pink or you can choose to customize for a few dollars more. There are a ton of fabric options from polka dots, to glitter, to princesses, to your favorite Disney characters. The soft pillowy holders have room for 6 or more ears per row. The wall display measures about 22 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 13 inches long. This is the perfect solution to my ear storage problem!

If you could use this awesome ear wall display, check it out HERE! For this and many other ear storage solutions, check out Display Your Mouse Ears on Etsy. They offer a number of wall and free-standing ear storage options.

Would you like this wall display for Minnie ears? Tell us in the comments.

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