Snow Globe Ears are the Coolest!

Snow Globe ears are the “coolest” new accessory for this holiday season, and we’re dying over the cuteness! Each of these ears comes from a different Etsy shop and has a unique feel, but they all have two things in common: 1) they are completely fabulous and 2) they won’t be around for long!


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Tonight’s the night!!! ❄️ Right @ 6 PM EST a flurry of fun will start in the Aloha Shop and we have a feeling these limited edition ears will go fast! We will be doing a live stream today to go over all the details and any questions y’all have too! Need a giggle this morning, swipe to see how the Pineapple Pups decided they needed to be a part of the photos too 🐶 🤦🏼‍♀️🐶• • • #alohaearsdesign #disney #christmas #disneychristmas #snow #disneyears #mickeyears #minnieears #mouseears #disneystyle #christmasdecor #christmastree #mvmcp #mickeymouse #waltdisneyworld #disneyland #tokyodisneyland #kawaii #snowglobe #disneyoutfit #outfitinspo

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These Snow Globe ears from Aloha Ears Design feature Mickey and Minnie snowmen in traditional red and green Christmas colors. They really do “snow” and to make things even better, these are interchangeable! You can create your very own unique set by swapping out the ears and the bow. These go on sale on November 15 at 6:00 PM EST, and they will go super fast! Aloha Ears Design will not restock this design, so if you are interested, be ready to snap these up as soon as they go on sale! 





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EDIT: Snowmouse ears sold out super fast… I’ll focus on getting more of these made for the next sale ❤️ It’s the first outing for these Snowmouse ears, with their Arendelle Aqua bow! They went through a lot of design changes, so I’m very excited to share the final product. . Line up is: ❄️5 x Snowmouse ears ❄️5 x Winter Dream ears ❄️5 x Celebration ears . The next sale will be November 16th, and will have some other designs too, including balloon ears in Christmas colours, gingerbread ears, and 1-2 gingerbread bags. If you’re waiting for a specific Christmas design please comment and let me know so that I can allocate my time towards things with the most demand ❤️ . . . #mickeyballoonears#arendelleaqua#arendelleaquaears#disneyballoons#disneyballoonears#balloonears#snowglobeears#disneygram#instadisney#disneyside#disneyig #minnieears#mickeyears #disneychristmas#snowears #minnieears #mickeyears#mickeysverymerrychristmasparty#mvmcp #disneyholidaystyle#christmasears#snowmanears#snowman#mickeysnowman#mickeymousesnowman #snowmanears#disneysnowman#holidayears #disneyholiday

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The Snowmice are also the stars of these Snow Globe ears from Word of Mouse Co. These have plush snowmice and a big, fluffy bow, which gives them a different vibe from the ones above. These little guys are so cute that I just want to snuggle them through their globes! These Snow Globe ears have pastel blue as the main color, and I’m just imagining how perfect these would look in front of Cinderella’s castle after Elsa “ices” it!  We don’t know an exact time for this release but it goes on sale on November 16. We expect them to go quickly though, so if these are your Christmas wish, contact the shop directly for more information. 


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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ⛄️❄️ Snow globe ears are coming to the shop! This design comes with little Mickey snowman and on the other side Minnie and Mickey! Swipe to see a close up video! I seriously love how these turned out and I’m so excited to finally share these! These along with the wreath ears will be listed TONIGHT! @ 8pm CST . . This is probably the closest thing I’ll get to snow 😅😂 I grew up living in the desert so I would love to actually have a snowy christmas one day! Have you ever had a snowy Christmas before? . . . . #earristibledisney #mickeyearsforsale #disneyears #disneyearsforsale #mostmagicalplaceonearth #magicalmakers #smallshopmagic #disneychristmas #snowglobeears #disney #disneyland #wdw #waltdisneyworld #magickingdom #disneylove #disneylife #disneyparks #disneysea #disneyfan #disneymagic #disneyaddict #disneygram #instadisney #disneyside #etsy #handmade #etsyshop #supportsmallbusiness #etsyseller

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The last set of Snow Globe ears we’ve found comes from Earristible Disney. These also feature a Mickey snowman, but they also show Mickey and Minnie dressed in their holiday best! These have the rustic, farmhouse vibe that fits in so well with this year’s Disney holiday merchandise. The Earristible Disney shop is temporarily closed right now, but we’re hoping this shop opens again soon!


The toughest choice of your day just might be deciding which of these magical ears to wear on your next trip. (Being a local, I visit the parks enough to wear all three designs, so I don’t have to choose!) But remember, these will go quickly! Set an alarm on your phone for the shop openings and stalk those Instagram pages. Good luck, Fashionistas; I hope you all get a white Christmas!

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