Splash Your Way To Fun With The New Disney Parks Rain Gear!

Where do I start? I have been waiting for the new Disney parks rain gear to debut since the sneak peek we shared almost two weeks ago (it feels like a lot longer). It’s finally here and I am ready to splash my way to fun!


Let’s start with Disney Park snack rain essentials. I can’t decide which of these is more delectable so I do believe they will both be mine. It rains a lot in NC and I can totally justify both of them!

Can I just say that I am ecstatic that both a rain jacket and an umbrella were released? I love umbrellas but I find them to be cumbersome at the Parks (not to mention I have had a few near misses in the losing my eye department). The umbrella compliments the raincoat but each can totally also be used alone. Genius.

Fans of the Enchanted Tiki Room will rejoice! There is a raincoat and an umbrella for this print as well. We knew this was coming thanks to the sneak peek but it feels so much better to see them in person. The raincoat is much more vibrant than the Park Snack one so I feel there is a place for two in this fashionista’s wardrobe. Just sayin’.

Minnie Mouse’s designs are classic and true to her Rock The Dots style. The jacket is a different style than the others as well. This would appear to be a poncho and not zip up. I prefer the other design but I do love me some Minnie Mouse.

Most of this merchandise was found at World of Disney in Disney Springs but this Mickey poncho was found elsewhere! This one was spotted at Saratoga Springs. Surprises can be found everywhere.

Raincoats/ponchos are $49.99 and umbrellas are $39.99.

None of these designs are available on shopDisney as of yet. I am assuming at some point they will be but if you are dying to get one of these during the rainy season, email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] and she can help you out!

Which of the new designs is your favorite? Are you an umbrella or raincoat fashionista? Let us know in the comment box below!

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