Stay Cool All Summer In These Pixie-Dusted Dresses

As I’m sure many of you already know, Hot Topic is a fantastic place to find adorable new Disney-themed clothing!  Most of my favorite Disney dresses have come from there, so I wanted to show off a few new ones that have popped up on the website!  

This Maleficent Thorns Dress is both dark and colorful at the same time–just like Maleficent!  It features bright pink flowers, green vines, and Maleficent’s favorite raven, Diablo!  The lacing detail at the neckline adds a little more edge to this gorgeous dress!


This Coco Guitar Dress is made with a fabulous patterned fabric that features colorful guitars, skulls, music notes, and orange flowers.  Plus, the unique neckline and back on this dress are so fun and flirty, and the silhouette is universally flattering!  

This Disney Villains Stained Glass Border Dress is so stunning.  I am in love with the flattering black silhouette, but the gorgeous and colorful stained glass border on the sheer chiffon overlay of the skirt takes this dress to a whole new level!  The Evil Queen, Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent are all featured in the stained glass border. The back of the dress adds even more dramatic flare with a lace center panel!

For a tropical vibe, make sure you check out this Lilo-Inspired Strappy Dress!  This casual dress is so adorable and can be dressed up or down to be useful in so many situations, but it can also be used for a Lilo Disneybound!  It features adjustable straps, a full front button closure, and even hip pockets!!! You guys know how much I love a dress with POCKETS!

This Ursula Cosplay Dress would be a fantastic Disneybound dress that would keep you cool and comfortable.  With printed tentacles and shell necklace, there will be no mistaking who your favorite Disney villain is in this dress.  Plus, this dress has hip pockets, too!

This Rapunzel Cosplay Dress will have you going on adventures and watching lanterns float into the sky!  With precious details like a pink satin bow and ruffled neckline, this dress is the perfect Disneybound to show off your princess side.  It even has hip pockets!


Just put on this Alice Cosplay Dress, follow a white rabbit who is running late, and you’ll be on your way to a new world of adventures!  This adorable Disneybound-ready dress features a constructed collar and hip pockets and is made to look like Alice’s blue dress and white apron!  

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pixie-dusted dresses or checking out some of the other fabulous options, you can find them all HERE!


Which of these dresses is your favorite?  Where would you wear it? Let us know in the comments below!


Thanks to guest blogger Lindsey N for this info!

Lindsey N. is a proud military wife and dog mom to an adorable Chihuahua named Jack Sparrow… Captain Jack Sparrow, that is! She is obsessed with all things Disney, and two of her favorite hobbies are shopping and visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. It is especially magical when she gets to do both at the same time!


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Michelle is an avid Disney lover and fashionista who loves to combine her two hobbies. She loves to shop and find the newest and best Disney finds to share with her fellow fashionistas! Be sure to follow her on her Facebook page and on twitter!

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