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Super Cool Disney Stuff From Disney Stores Around the World

I love to travel. I don’t know if you all knew that but I do. I tend to wrap in my love of Disney when I do my traveling but it doesn’t all have to be to the Disney Parks. I have been on many Disney cruises to assorted destinations. Places like Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean and the Bahamas have all been a part of my travel adventures while showing my Disney Side. I dream of going on some Adventures By Disney vacations but that has yet to happen. I know that Disney has a strong following world wide so I like to see what else is out there that we may not have here in North America. I was so envious with my finds that I had to share the cool Disney stuff from Disney Stores around the world with you.


Are you kidding me with this bag?? It has different women of style showing their Disney Side all over the world! Hong Kong, Miami, Paris, Moscow, London and the list goes on and on. I literally got heart palpitations when I saw this bag. I felt deflated when I realized I cannot buy this bag because they don’t deliver to the U.S.A.! I now know what my readers from around the world feel like when they can’t buy something I post. This bag is quite expensive at 300 pounds but I wouldn’t even care. You can see the design close up here. Prepare to drool.


This is a little difficult to see but you can see the design clearly enough. This is a tee shirt with fashionista Minnie Mouse with her trademark bows. I love Minnie Mouse and I adore her bows!! Alas, I cannot have this tee shirt either (I’m actually crying right now). This find is also from the Disney Store online in the UK.


Would you check out this dress?!?! It’s another amazing find from Japan. I’ve shown many different pieces of jewelry from Japan that people get upset over (when they find out they can’t buy them). This dress is borderline costumey but it’s super cute!!!! I can’t tell you a price because I do not read Japanese but I think this woman is adorable.

2015-04-21 03_14_23-【ディズニーストア】iPhone6専用スマートフォンカバー ビジュー シンデレラ _ プレゼント・ギフトの通販・販売ならDisneystore

This phone case is beautiful and bedazzled!!! It is something I feel like we find in etsy stores here but this is actually on the Disney Store in Japan’s website! Why do we not have super fun, bedazzled phone cases like this? I have a feeling there would be a lot of takers on this continent!


Would you just look at this collection of dinnerware?? There are mugs, plates, bowls, tea towels.. you name it. It is stunning! I would do my entire kitchen in this print! I found it on both the Disney Store France site and the UK site. If you are able to have things shipped to you, please feel free to look at it all here. If you aren’t able to have it shipped, I’m with you and I think we need to start making some friends over seas!


The last thing I am going to show is from a jeweler in Japan. They do custom order work and their jewelry is exquisite. They, of course, do not ship over seas. The above ring is just one example of the fabulous jewelry they make. If you want to torture yourself, like I clearly do, you can take a look at more of their work here.

I told you there were some super cool items around the world. There are way too many to even try to list but you get the idea. Anyone out there have any ideas as to how we can get our hands on some of this stuff? If I come up with any solutions, I promise to let you know.

Do you have an example of something cool from around the world that you’d like to share? Share it with us in the comment box below!!!

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