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Taking A Behind The Scenes Look At The Fashion In The Live Action Cinderella Film!

I am getting very excited about the upcoming live action Cinderella movie and I am sure many of you are as well. I know that the Berlin film festival was a couple of weeks ago but I thought it would be fun to share the Cinderella exhibits with you. The exhibits featured much of the costuming from the film as well as the 9 designer shoes I previously shared with you. I learned a lot about the designs and I know my fellow fashionistas will be just as excited to learn about them. Let’s take a closer look.


To set the stage of the exhibit and of the movie, Mary Blair’s iconic concept art could be found on display. The original movie poster for the animated feature of Cinderella was also on display.


The costuming in this film is phenomenal and I am so excited that they shared the different costumes as well as some set design with us. This here is Lady Tremaine’s green and black gown. Even from a distance, you can see the great details which can be found in the bottom of the dress. Absolutely stunning.


Not to be out down by their mother, are the step sisters and their matching pink and yellow floral dresses. I love the hats that all the women are wearing as well, as they really set the stage for the era of the film.


Cinderella didn’t always have her magical blue ball gown. Here we find the smock she wore while doing chores and we find it displayed in the kitchen set design. This is the dress she wears at the beginning of the film.


The above scene is where you can see Ella’s (that’s what they call Cinderella in this film) mother’s pink dress that she wears, and the Fairy Godmother’s costumes pre and post transformation. If you look in the back left of the photo you can see the iconic dress the fairy godmother is known for…. with a few extra sparkles.


I know this isn’t about fashion but I couldn’t resist showing this picture of the carriage with this spectacular lighting. It’s luminescent.


This is a scene from the ball and it displays the amazing gowns created by Sandy Powell. Apparently the gown Ella wears to the ball is made of more than 270 yards of fabric and over 10 000 Swarovski crystals! That means this gown not only shimmered to perfection but it must also weigh a lot!


Here, you can see the crystals even clearer on the gown and it is on display with the 9 designer shoes. If you want a closer look at the designer shoes, check out the article I did a week or so ago for a more in depth sneak peak.


This is the real glass slipper that Swarovski created for the film. Can you even imagine wearing or owning that?? I would be so afraid I would break it!!

That about sums up the display that could be found at the Berlin Festival. I so wish I had been able to be there in person to see these pieces up close and personal. I dream about Disney’s Hollywood Studios displaying some of these costumes as they do from time to time. I can see Ella’s ball gown on display in the Great Movie Ride queue. Wouldn’t that be amazing??

What do you think of the costuming? The shoes? The set designs? Let us know in the comment box below.


Thanks to Disney Style Blog for the pictures.

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