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Taking A Sneak Peak At What’s Heading Our Way For The Disneyland Diamond Celebration

I think many of us are getting pretty excited about the Disneyland Diamond celebration  that starts May 22, 2015. I know that I am planning my trip to the original Disney Park to celebrate what Walt started. We all know when it starts but the end date to the celebration has not yet been stated. That has a lot of us on our toes, wanting to get there before the celebration ends! As to what the celebration entails, a lot of fun new experiences, parades, shows and merchandise!! I’m going to show you some of the new artwork they’ve released that will be on much of the merchandise as well as a couple of the items already revealed.


I’m starting with my favorite because it encompasses all i need when I think of a Disneyland celebration… MIckey, MInnie and Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It is rumored that the castle will shine like diamonds during the celebration and this artwork depicts that very thing. This artwork is part of the “Castle” collection, one of the three different artwork collections that are set to release for the celebration. I am in love with the simplicity of the color palette and yet it seems to sparkle.


I feel like this artwork, part of the “Character” collection, brings the past into the present with the characters, colors and style. I love that you can feel your journey of attending Disneyland over the years through the artwork…. Where it started and where it is now, for the Disneyland Diamond Celebration. According to Disney parks Blog, each panel represents a 15 year span and, if you look closely, you can see the progression within each panel. I’m excited to see what merchandise will sport this artwork.


As for the third collection,  the “Diamond” collection, it is simple and elegant. The black and white color palette will work on so many different items and I imagine this could be one of the more popular graphics to appear on some of the more limited edition pieces that will be released. It is classic and gives no doubt as to what celebration is taking place.


Above are some of the pins that are being released for the Diamond Celebration. The first was released in January 2015 and there will be one released each month through July 2015. The above pins will be released prior to the culmination… the Diamond pin which will be released July 16th, 2015. Each pin comes with a quote from Walt Disney himself.


This popcorn bucket is set to debut in May, with the beginning of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration. It is just one of the new and exciting souvenirs headed our way. Over the next few months, look for even more collectible souvenir fun and even some new art work on anything from popcorn buckets to hot mugs. There will also be special limited-time treats and food and beverage offerings exclusive to the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. I know that I can’t wait for all of these items! Snacks and new souvenir packaging? Yes, please!

I hope that helps to bring you to the level of excitement I have already achieved over the upcoming Disneyland Diamond Celebration! Will you be attending?? Let us know in the comment box below.


Thanks to Disney Parks Blog for the photos.

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