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Temporary Free Shipping From Disney Parks To Your Home!

This is not an article about free shipping from the Disney Store online. This is to let you know something I learned first hand, while shopping here at Disney Parks this week. I am also going to give you and update on using the Shop Disney parks App. Let’s start there and then talk about the temporary free shipping from Disney parks to your home!

I’m not going to go into to detail about the app itself, as we have told you all about it in a past article. If you don’t know about it, you need to! You can read all about it HERE. This is more about the changes they are making to said app and how it effects those of you at the Disney Parks shopping now.

Once the app update is released, and I don’t know when that will be as of yet,  guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort can choose Resort Hotel Delivery, Park Gate Pick-Up or Home Delivery from the Delivery Options on the Review & Purchase screen! It’s making it even more convenient for a fashionista to shop!


If you choose Resort Hotel Delivery on purchases, you need to have a current Disney Resort reservation linked in My Disney Experience. The Resort Delivery option is only going to be a choice until 3:00 p.m. each day. Items will be ready for pick-up at your resort the following day after 12:00 p.m. I’ve enjoyed this delivery option when shopping in person int he Parks before. It is super convenient!

If choosing Park Gate Pick-Up as a delivery option, you need to be physically present in a theme park and the item must be available for purchase in that park. Park Gate Pick-Up orders are ready for retrieval at Park Package Pick-Up locations three hours after purchase.

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Now, as for the info I learned in the last day or so, this free shipping option, available until November 22nd, works when you buy things in the Parks and don’t want to pack them in your suitcase!! You can ship everything home for FREE! I did this when purchasing some Christmas goodies just yesterday!! I don’t have to find room in my suitcase to pack everything I bought AND, when you ship things home, you are also exempt of taxes! Did you know that? I saved money on taxes and I still was able to apply my 10% discount for my annual pass. All that, plus free shipping, made me a very happy fashionista!

Hope this helps all of you shopping at the Disney Parks until November 22nd! Take advantage of this temporary deal and happy shopping!

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