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The 2016 runDisney New Balance Shoes Have Been Revealed!!!!!!!

Apparently, while I was sleeping for work today, the huge news hit about the new designs for the 2016 runDisney New Balance shoes! I am beyond excited for these shoes. They are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! They surpass anything released in 2015, in my own personal opinion! I was right in my prediction, in that a princess is getting a shoe. I was just wrong about which princess! Mickey and Minnie are getting new shoes, as well, along with Dumbo!!!!!!!



I am starting with the new princess inspired shoes because they make me cry with glee, I am so excited. Ariel is my favorite Princess and she now has her own shoe! It is stunning! These are the Ariel Vazee Pace shoes. The New Balance Vazee Pace is a low heel-toe offset, performance neutral running shoe best suited for uptempo training and a neutral or supinated foot motion. I have to be honest. I don’t care what it is designed for, I just want them. The purple, green and red just work together and scream Ariel. I told you purple would be involved!!!! There is, what looks to be, a seaweed design on the front and Ariels’s picture on the back. I can’t wait to get a closer look at them at the expo Wednesday, January 6th!




The Dumbo Vazee Pace shoes are the next ones to hit and these are more neutral in color, for those who don’t like the boldness of a shoe like Ariel’s. In the picture you see above, you can see the likeness of the shoe to Dumbo in his attraction at Magic Kingdom. I like the pop of yellow, like the color that Dumbo wears. These are the same design as the Ariel shoes in their use and benefit.



Mickey and Minnie put on a show in the Red Carpet Minnie and Mickey 860v6s shoes. Can I just say that I was right again! I predicted a yellow shoe! It may not be Belle’s (which means that Belle doesn’t look like she is getting a New Balance shoe anytime soon), but it is yellow. The Minnie shoe is the yellow shoe, representing the stunning yellow gown she is known to wear on the red carpet. It even has her signature bow, similar to the concept of her previous Minnie Mouse runDisney shoes.  I am going to need these, too. Mickey is all decked out in his signature colors of red, black and yellow. Perhaps this is to represent his red carpet look in his tux! There are not clear, fabulous pictures of these 2 shoes yet but it’s only a couple of days away now!  “The 860v6 has a sleeker fit than its predecessor that’s more secure on your foot and more stylish when you wear it post-run. Responsive, supportive, comfortable…it sets a new standard in running shoes for overpronation, ” according to the New Balance website.

The only way to get these shoes, as of now, is by being at the expo. You can sign up for a spot in the virtual queue, as per the usual, if you are registered for an event. Otherwise, I am trying to see if I will have access to a personal shopper for you, to obtain these shoes that way. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Who else is excited about these announcements? Who is going to be in the crazy line at the expo Wednesday??

I expect these to all be amazing sellers. Good luck to all those participating in the runDisney evetns this coming weekend and good luck getting a pair of these shoes!! Let us know if you love them in the comment box below!

Thanks to New Balance for the pics!

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