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The Disney x Pandora Aladdin Collection Is Pure Magic!

I can show you the world… the whole new world of Disney x Pandora Aladdin charms! I had heard this collection was coming but now that it’s here, I could not have imagined how purely magical it would be!

This double-sided charm has a stunning image of Jasmine and Aladdin taking a carpet ride and the back side says You Fill My World With Wonder. This charm is perfect for fans of the film but it would also make an incredible gift for that special someone. Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

This Genie Lamp inspired charm is all about the details. There is a cubic zirconia on the upper part of the charm and the lamp itself has a lid that opens to showcase a hint of green. This is an 18K gold-plated charm which is the ultimate finish for the Genie’s lamp.

If you are all about the Princess Castle then you will want the Agrabah Castle charm. It is also done in 18K gold plating which is really the only acceptable finish for the Agrabah Castle if you ask me.

I am loving that there are 2 dangle charms and a regular bead type charm. It gives variety. Not to mention there are gold and silver options. This collection is really well rounded in my opinion.

Currently, these charms are available on the Singapore Pandora website HERE but I am guessing they will appear in the US site fairly soon. We will, of course, let you know the second they appear. The good news is that they are clearly not Park Exclusive charms and you will be able to get them online! Woohoo!

UPDATE- The US site now has the charms HERE!

Have you been waiting for the new Disney x Pandora Aladdin charms? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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