The New Disney Villains Colourpop Collection is Fabulously Wicked

Disney Villains Colourpop Collection

Today is the day! The Disney Villains Colourpop Collection launch day is finally here! Today at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST the vibrant and bold new Villains inspired makeup collection will launch at shopDisney, Colourpop, and Ulta!

The hints mysteriously appeared on shopDisney and Colourpop earlier this week in a green and foggy mist. Before we even saw any of the colors or products, everyone here at Disney Fashionista KNEW, we needed it all. Now without further adieu let’s take a stroll on the other side, and see what dark treats await us.

The limited edition collection showcases six major Disney Villains: Evil Queen, Cruella, Maleficent, Ursula, Hades, and Dr. Facilier. Each villain has their own Super Shock Highlighter, Jelly Much Shadow, Ultra Glossy Lip, Lux Lipstick, and Collection Set. There is also a brilliant 15 color eyeshadow palette, and two Glitterly Obsessed body glitters.  Each Villain’s Collection Set will contain their coordinating Lux Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, and Super Shock Highlighter.

Misunderstood Pressed Powder Shadow Palette – $25.00

Rooting for the good guys is boring, but the Misunderstood palette is here to make things more exciting. This mixed finish 15 pan eyeshadow palette combines intense mattes, color shifting duo chromes, and rich metallics. Scheme all the ways you’ll slay your look, it won’t be hard with this palette.

  • No Spots: matte pure white
  • Mongrels: metallic pinky ivory
  • Diablo: metallic lime
  • Devious: matte terracotta
  • Tragic: matte soft warm beige
  • Underworld: metallic bronzy copper
  • Pain & Panic: metallic mid-tone gold with peachy pink flecks
  • Forest of Thorns: metallic orchid
  • Flotsam: metallic baby pink with blue glitter
  • The Fates: matte deep blue
  • Revenge: matte charcoal grey with silver glitter
  • Sing: metallic dark brown with hot pink to gold duochrome flip
  • Jetsam: metallic denim blue with teal duochrome flip
  • Facile: metallic rich olive green with gold flecks
  • 101: matte black

Glitterly Obsessed: Anomaly and Do I look Like I Care – $8.00

Glitterly Obsessed is a rather new Colourpop product, which is a cosmetic grade body glitter! The Anomaly shade is a vibrant teal with multicolored glitter, and Do I Look Like I Care is wait for it, ROSE GOLD. I know, I know… we need it too.

Evil Queen

Now begin thy magic spell with the with shades inspired by the vengeful Queen.

  • Jelly Much Shadow – Cursed – $8.00
  • Lux Lip – Evil Queen – $7.00
  • Ultra Glossy Lip – Bad Apple $8.00
  • Super Shock Highlighter – Fairest of All – $10.00
  • Evil Queen Collection Set – $25.00

Cruella De Vil

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! The Cruella Collection includes shades inspired by your favorite devilish fashionista:

  • Jelly Much Shadow – Perfectly Wretched – $8.00
  • Lux Lip – Cruella – $7.00
  • Ultra Glossy Lip – PUPPIES!!! $8.00
  • Super Shock Highlighter – You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles! – $10.00
  • Cruella Collection Set – $25.00


Shall we bestow a gift on you? Add a little glam to your sinister side that no curse will make you resist!

  • Jelly Much Shadow – Spindle – $8.00
  • Lux Lip – Maleficent – $7.00
  • Ultra Glossy Lip – Met Pet – $8.00
  • Super Shock Highlighter – Mistress Of All Evil – $10.00
  • Maleficent Collection Set – $25.00


You won’t need to give up your voice to snag these shades inspired by your favorite devious octopod.

  • Jelly Much Shadow – Just Your Voice – $8.00
  • Lux Lip – Ursula – $7.00
  • Ultra Glossy Lip – Sad But True – $8.00
  • Super Shock Highlighter – Poor Unfortunate Souls – $10.00
  • Ursula Collection Set – $25.00


The Fates predicted that you need these shades inspired by the hot-tempered lord of the Underworld.

  • Jelly Much Shadow – I Own You – $8.00
  • Lux Lip – Hades – $7.00
  • Ultra Glossy Lip – Hot Headed – $8.00
  • Super Shock Highlighter – Everybody’s Got a Weakness – $10.00
  • Hades Collection Set – $25.00

Dr. Facilier

No card tricks here, just the spooky shades inspired by the sinister voodoo bokor.

  • Jelly Much Shadow – Not Today – $8.00
  • Lux Lip – Dr. Facilier – $7.00
  • Ultra Glossy Lip – Shadow Man – $8.00
  • Super Shock Highlighter – Meet Me on the Other Side – $10.00
  • Dr. Facilier Collection Set – $25.00

Now let’s take a look at some delightfully devious SWATCHES!

Jelly Much Shadows:

Super Shock Highlighters:

Ultra Glossy Lips:

Lux Lipsticks:

Glitterly Obsessed:

Misunderstood Palette:

All I can say is WOW! I know I was impressed by the Disney Princess Colourpop Collection, but the Villains one has blown me AWAY! You can find the new Disney Villains Colourpop Collection at shopDisney, Colourpop, and Ulta today!

What do you think of the stunning new Villains inspired makeup collection?

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