The New Dumbo Dooney and Bourke Bags Are Going To Lift You Up And Soar To New Fashion Heights!

I know I am not the only that is feeling overwhelmed with all the new merchandise revealed to be heading our way in 2019. There are so many incredible items but one of the newest releases will have fashionistas soaring to new fashion heights. The new Dumbo Dooney and Bourke bags are stunning!

*** Update *** We have some new information on the highly anticipated Dumbo Dooney collection. The moment that Disney has a release date (next month..April) for the Dumbo collection, it will be posted on Twitter, Instagram, and all Social Media for Disney Springs because they know guests are eagerly awaiting the release. So as a courtesy it will be in announced instantly!

It’s no surprise that there is going to be a new Dumbo Dooney and Bourke bag when there is a new live-action Dumbo film coming out in March. We don’t have an exact release date for this print but I would bet money it will be around that film release.

This is not the first time we have seen a Dumbo Dooney and Bourke print. The last release was in 2016 and those bags sold out super quickly. They never did get rereleased and fans of Dumbo were devastated. This print is completely different but hopefully, it will bring joy to those Dumbo loving fashionistas that missed out last time (or those who want this one as well!).

From the sneak peek we can see that there are 3 silhouettes in this new collection. It looks like a tote a foldover crossbody and a wallet will be released. I am not usually a fan of the white background on a Dooney but I think it works with all the other colors in this print. The accent of a greyish taupe trim is very Dumbo like and really brings the whole design together for me.

We don’t know prices yet but I am guessing we will know in the next couple of months. This one is going to go quickly and will be challenging to get great placement on as the print is quite large. There are many different images from the film and it a really large print for a silhouette like the foldover or the wallet. If you have to have this bag and the placement is important to you, you might want to use a personal shopper if you can’t be there yourself. The preferred personal shopper of Disney Fashionista is [email protected] and you can email her for any requests you may have. She will help if possible.

What do you think of the new Dumbo Dooney and Bourke bags? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comment box below!


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