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The New Dumbo Pandora Charms Are Now Available Online!

We were hoping. We were praying. Fingers and toes were crossed and it would appear dreams do come true because the new Dumbo Pandora charms that we saw on the UK Pandora site are now available on the US site!


We did just share both of these charms but they are so precious they are worth sharing again. This hanging Dumbo charm is adorable! It’s a silver charm with stunning blue, sparkly eyes. It is not a Park Exclusive charm which means it is available HERE on the Pandora website for $65.

I love the dangle Dumbo charm but this one is something beyond adorable… it’s outright precious. It even says so on the back of the charm. The colors used for Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo are just the right hint of perfection. I can barely stop myself from singing Baby Mine just looking at it! It retails for $55 and can be found HERE.

If you are a fan of Dumbo or are just jumping on the Dumbo train because of all the incredible merchandise, you will want to check these two charms out HERE. Let us know what charm you love more in the comment box below!

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