Roll Up, Roll Up Welcome The New Dumbo Pandora Charms

Let those eyes sparkle and shine, because there’s something shimmery and new from the Disney x Pandora line! Absolutely beautiful new Dumbo Pandora Charms have landed on the Pandora UK website, just in time for the new live action film.

Two gorgeous new charms inspired by Dumbo are now available on the Pandora UK Website. One features the lovable Dumbo as a dangle charm with ears spread to take flight, and the other is a touching bead charm featuring Jumbo and Dumbo together.

Dumbo Pendant Charm

The sterling silver dangle design is shaped as the lovable elephant Dumbo and detailed with blue enamel eyes and flapping ears. His trunk is turned up playfully, which gives this charm a whimsical feel.

Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo Charm

Show the beauty of a mother and child relationship with this colorful charm in sterling silver. Engraved with the words ‘my precious love,’ the button-shaped piece portrays Dumbo and his mother, touched with enamel details. As the grand finale, the edge is decorated with cut-out hearts. I have to admit, the moment I saw the back of this charm the song “Baby Mine” instantly started playing in my head!

There is no official word on if we will see these new Dumbo Pandora Charms state-side or not, but we’re crossing our fingers and hoping we do!

What do you think of these stunning new Disney x Pandora charms?

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