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These Arendelle Aqua Popsockets Are Pixie-Dusted Perfection

Arendelle Aqua Popsockets

I’m sure you have already seen the amazing new Arendelle Aqua Collection from Disney.  It is definitely one of my favorite new collections!  I am absolutely in love with the shimmery color, so of course, I need all of the matching accessories!  These Arendelle Aqua Popsockets from BLINGDABLES on Etsy are the perfect way to accessorize your phone to match the rest of your Arendelle-inspired gear!

Arendelle Aqua Popsockets

With three different options from which you can choose, I’m sure you will fall in love with at least one of these!  The first option is the Swarovski option.  This Popsocket features Swarovski crystals on the Minnie Mouse head and a gorgeous glittery Arendelle Aqua bow!  The second option is the resin option.  This Popsocket features a glittery Arendelle Aqua resin Minnie Mouse head and a Swarovski crystal-covered bow!  The third option is the shimmer option.  This Popsocket features a super shimmery glitter Minnie Mouse head with a Swarovski crystal-covered bow!

Arendelle Aqua Popsockets

Another great thing about these Popsockets is that the resin-based ones can be personalized with either white or silver glitter lettering!  You can make sure that everyone knows this lovely Popsocket is yours!

Arendelle Aqua Popsockets

Not only are these resin and Swarovski crystal Popsockets fabulous, but they are also useful!  I love having a Popsocket on my phone so that I can snap pictures with one hand without missing a beat!  They really are super useful!  You can even upgrade from a standard Popsocket to a Swappable Popsocket so you can switch your designs out to match your outfit!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these gorgeous Arendelle Aqua Popsockets, you can find them HERE!

Which one of these incredible options is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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