These Baby Yoda Tervis Tumblers Are The Way

Even if you haven’t had the chance to watch The Mandalorian yet, you have probably fallen in love with The Child, commonly known as Baby Yoda. These Baby Yoda Tervis Tumblers are killing me with their cuteness!  There are five different adorable options, and since I couldn’t choose a favorite to match my Baby Yoda Spirit Jersey, I am going to share them all with you!  Each of these adorable designs is available in 16 oz and 24 oz versions of the classic Tervis style and 20 oz and 30 oz versions of the stainless steel Tervis style!

First is this The Child Sipping Tervis.  This iconic image of The Child sipping its bone broth is so appropriate for a Tervis!  It is basically what I look like on these cold January days!  Plus, the memes that have come from this adorable image are priceless!

Next is this The Child Stare Tervis.  The reveal of our favorite 50-year-old baby was one of my favorite parts of the entire The Mandalorian series, so this image of The Child in its carrier pod is perfect!  How can something so adorable be so powerful?  I can’t wait to find out!

Next up is this The Child Tervis.  This image shows our perfect little green baby happily sitting on the ground.  Its smile and contentment is simply precious and perfect for any Baby Yoda fan!  This image perfectly embodies everything we love about little smushy Baby Yoda!

This next The Child in Carrier Tervis is a bit different!  This image is a cartoon-style picture of The Child in its carrier pod.  If you thought The Child couldn’t get any cuter, you were wrong.  This Tervis makes it even cuter with bigger eyes and an adorable smile.  The back of the Tervis also says “The Child” along with a small full-body cartoon of The Child!

Last is this adorable comic-strip style The Child Protect Attack Snack Tervis.  This Tervis has three images of a cartoon-style Baby Yoda.  The top image features The Child reaching out and the world “Protect.”  The middle image features The Child using The Force along with the word “Attack.”  The bottom image features The Child happily eyeing what I have deemed a “space frog” along with the word “Snack.”

If you love The Mandalorian, but prefer something more representative of the entire series, I have to also point out this Desert Tervis featuring The Mandalorian and The Child in the desert.  This graphic is simple, yet stunning.  Unlike the others, this Tervis is only available in the 20 oz and 30 oz stainless steel styles.

We spotted a couple of these Tervis tumblers at the Walt Disney World Resort in the stainless steel version, but if you would like to purchase any of these adorable Baby Yoda Tervis Tumblers now, they are all available HERE!

Which one of these designs is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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