These Mug And Sock Sets Will Keep You Warm And Cozy All Winter

Marie Set

Although the temperature is still in the 90s here, I am in love with these adorable Disney-Themed Mug And Sock Sets!  I can’t turn down a pair of cozy socks, even if I am wearing them with shorts and a t-shirt!  Plus, since pumpkin spice season is here, I can’t have too many mugs!  These mugs are even microwave and dishwasher safe!  These sets are a great way to stay warm while also showing your love for your favorite Disney Characters!  How fabulous would these be as gifts!?  After all, you really can’t go wrong with pixie-dusted mugs and socks!

Winnie the Pooh Mug and Sock Set

Pooh Set Pooh Mug 1 Pooh Mug 2 Pooh Socks

The first set is this adorable Winnie the Pooh Mug and Sock Set!  This red mug features Winnie the Pooh with all of his different reactions along with the words “Busy doing nothing” and a few buzzing bees.  The fuzzy socks feature Winnie the Pooh’s face embroidered at the top with 3D ears!  Below his face, the socks are red and yellow striped.  The bottoms feature the words “Oh bother!” in a non-slip rubberized material, so you won’t slide around your house when you’re just trying to walk!

Marie Mug and Sock Set

Marie Set Marie Mug 1 Marie Mug 2 Marie Socks

The second set is this sassy Marie Mug and Sock Set!  This pink mug features Marie with all of her prim and proper reactions along with pink bows, hearts, and the word “Cattitude.”  The fabulously fluffy socks feature Marie’s face embroidered at the top along with 3D ears and a pink satin bow!  The socks are white and pink striped below her face.  The bottoms feature rubberized paw prints to make these socks non-slip!

Minnie Mouse Mug and Sock Set

Minnie Set Minnie Mug 1 Minnie Mug 2 Minnie Socks

The last set is this iconic Minnie Mouse Mug and Sock Set!  This white mug features Minnie Mouse in her sweet and flirtatious poses along with the words “Sweet as can be!”  The super soft socks feature Minnie Mouse’s face embroidered at the top along with 3D ears and a red grosgrain bow!  Below Minnie’s face, the socks are her classic pattern–red with white polka dots.  The bottoms of the socks feature rubberized polka dots and the name “Minnie” made from the rubberized non-slip material.

If you would like to purchase one (or all) of these perfectly pixie-dusted mug and sock sets, you can find them HERE!

Which one of these sets would you choose to keep your feet and insides warm?  Let us know in the comments below!

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