These Pirate Minnie Ears Will Show Your Love For This Classic Attraction

Pirate Ears

We all know that dead men tell no tales, but these gorgeous Pirate Minnie Ears from TinkEars on Etsy sure do!  Whether you’re headed to Magic Kingdom Park to ride one of my all-time favorite attractions (Pirates of the Caribbean), enjoying Pirate Night on the Disney Cruise Line, or relaxing at home watching the films, these Minnie ears are definitely a must-have for any ear collection!

Pirate Ears

These ears feature a classic pirate skull and crossbones fabric pattern on the ears.  Pirate hats, bandanas, and jewelry adorn each of the skulls.  Some of the “crossbones” are even swords, just like the iconic emblem of the swashbuckling attraction and the flag of our favorite ship–the Black Pearl!  After all, according to Murtogg, the Black Pearl is a real ship!  (Can you tell that Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is one of my favorite movies!?)

These ears also feature a sparkly red sequined bow that would make Minnie Mouse (and Redd) proud!  Plus, this bow features a red bandanna, so you can fit in with the skeleton buccaneer crew!  There is even rope detailing where the ears attach to the headband.  My favorite detail has to be the little rhinestone and coin embellishments on the bow!  These add a little extra sparkle and are a lovely nod to Captain Jack Sparrow’s hair accessories, including his piece of eight!  They also remind me of pieces of cursed Aztec gold!  Did I mention that we named our dog Jack Sparrow?  Captain Jack Sparrow, that is!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these enchanting pirate Minnie ears, you can find them HERE!  Savvy?

Are you obsessed with everything related to Pirates of the Caribbean like me?  Let us know in the comments below!

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