These Tip Envelopes Will Help You Show Mousekeeping Some Extra Love

Halloween Mousekeeping Tip Envelope 1

Halloween Mousekeeping Tip Envelope 1

One of the most magical things about visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is the fact that all of the Cast Members are so amazingly willing to help!  Mousekeeping is no exception.  I have never been in a room at the Walt Disney World Resort that I felt was dirty, and I am very picky when it comes to cleanliness.  Because of the fabulous service, I think tipping Mousekeeping is a great way to show your appreciation!  They may even say thank you by leaving a little extra pixie dust!  The problem is that I worry Mousekeeping won’t see the tip or know it is for them.  These Halloween-Themed Mousekeeping Tip Envelopes from magicbyjessy on Etsy are the perfect way to solve that problem–especially during the Halloween season!

Halloween Mousekeeping Tip Envelope 2

These precious envelopes are orange and black and feature a pop-out Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkin when you fold them in half!  They also feature the words “Boo To You, Mousekeeping!” to let your Mousekeeping team know that the Halloween-themed tip is for them!  Another great feature is the little slot inside the envelope that holds your cash!

Halloween Mousekeeping Tip Envelope 3

These envelopes come in packs of 6, so you can leave a new envelope each day of your trip!  Since Mousekeeping Cast Members do change, it’s good to leave a tip every day of your trip rather than saving it all until the end.  I’ve read that the rule of thumb for tipping is to leave $1 per person, per day of your trip!  That means if there are four people staying in your room (including yourself), then you should leave $4 each day.  Of course, if you are super messy, it is always polite to leave a little extra.

If you are interested in purchasing these boo-tiful little tip envelopes for your next trip, you can find them HERE!

Where do you leave tips for Mousekeeping?  Let us know in the comments below!

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