This 2019 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Merchandise Is Incredible!

MVMCP Merchandise

There is so much amazing 2019 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party merchandise, so I’m going to dive right in!

Spirit Jersey Spirit Jersey

First up is this fabulous two-tone red and white spirit jersey!  The front features Mickey Mouse drinking a cup of what I can only assume is peppermint pixie dust!  There are also the words “Magic Kingdom” and “2019” below Mickey Mouse.  The front even features printed red buttons!  There is fabulous red and gold detailing on the sleeves, but the back of this spirit jersey is the real show-stopper!  The back features the fabulous holiday-inspired Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party logo!  There are just so many cute details in this logo!  I think this spirit jersey is a must-have for any Christmas fan!  You can purchase this one for $64.99!

Long Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt

Next up is this adorable gray and red long-sleeve tee!  The front features the fabulous Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party logo, “2019,” and Mickey Mouse carrying a pile of presents.  The back features the words “Magic Kingdom” in the iconic font in front of a fabulous Christmas tree!  I love this shirt so much!  If spirit jerseys aren’t your thing, but you want a cozy shirt from the party, this is definitely the choice for you!  You can pick it up for $39.99!

Short Sleeve Shirt

If you prefer short sleeves, there is also a fabulous red shirt that features Mickey Mouse decorating his Christmas tree.  In the background you can see Cinderella Castle!  This tee also features the party logo and the words “Magic Kingdom 2019!”  You can grab one of these adorable tees for $32.86!

MagicBand MagicBand MagicBand

It wouldn’t be a Disney party without a special party-exclusive MagicBand!  This Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party MagicBand is so adorable!  Not only does it do all of the things a MagicBand should do, but it also has an adorable design and even comes in a precious box!  This MagicBand has a red base and features the party logo and an image of Mickey and Minnie dressed in their holiday best decorating their magical Christmas tree on one side.  The other side features the words “Magic Kingdom 2019,” Cinderella Castle, and snowmen with hot chocolate!  It is also covered with tons of snowflakes!  It is $34.99!

Alex and AniAlex and Ani

If you collect Disney Alex and Ani bracelets like I do, you’re in luck!  There is one for the party!  The main charm features a colorful image of Mickey and Minnie decorating their Christmas tree on the front and the party logo stamped into the back!  You can purchase this adorable addition to your jingly collection for $44.99!

Ornament Ornament

If you want an adorable collectible, make sure you check out this ornament that features the party logo and “2019” on the front of the red ball portion of the ornament.  The back features “Magic Kingdom,” an image of Cinderella Castle, and snowflakes!  It also has Mickey Mouse decorating his Christmas tree along with presents and snow all on top of the adorable shiny ball!  This ornament would be a perfect pixie-dusted addition to your tree and is $24.99!


I have a huge mug collection, so of course I’m in love with this adorable red and gold snowflake-covered mug!  It features the party logo on one side and Mickey Mouse with a cup of hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows) on the other!  It also features the words “Cocoa, Cookies, and Christmas Cheer” and “Magic Kingdom.”  The best part about this mug is that it has a lid that makes the entire mug look like a giant red Christmas light!  How adorable it that!?  You can pick this mug up for $24.99!

Phone Case

Last but not least is this amazing phone case!  It features Mickey Mouse with his hot chocolate, the same quote as the mug, the party logo, and “Magic Kingdom.”  I love this “Cocoa, Cookies, and Christmas Cheer” quote!  That’s really all you need to make the holiday season bright!  This snowflake-covered red case is the perfect way to get your phone ready for the holidays and is $29.99!

There is so much amazing 2019 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party merchandise available!  Which item is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

If you can’t make it to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year, but you want to purchase some of these items, don’t worry!  You can contact the preferred personal shopper of the Disney Fashionista at [email protected], and she will help you out!


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