This Cuff Bracelet Lets You Take Mickey and Minnie With You Wherever You Go

This cuff bracelet is the perfect little Disney accessory for spring! Light enough to wear with all your favorite sundresses, this bracelet lets you carry your love for Mickey and Minnie with you wherever you go!

If I had it my way, I would take Mickey and Minnie with me wherever I go! In fact, I usually do! With my growing collection of Disney inspired clothing and accessories, there is always a pretty good chance that Mickey or Minnie are hanging out with me in some capacity.

This cuff bracelet can be customized with just Mickey, just Minnie, or both. I personally love seeing Mickey and Minnie together. After all, they are better when they are together as the couple we all know and love!

Because of the style of this bracelet, it is also adjustable. Pinch or stretch the bracelet for the perfect fit on your wrist. After all, you don’t want to go losing your new favorite accessory!

You can find this Mickey and Minnie inspired bracelet on Etsy from Eight9designs HERE. Pricing is just $19.99.

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Monica V