This New Rose Gold Disney Parks Collection Jewelry Is Stunning

I am still obsessed with pretty much anything rose gold, so of course, this new Rose Gold Disney Parks Collection Jewelry is on my must-have list!  I love all of the pieces in this collection, so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for all of it on my next trip!  Rose gold can be dressed up or down, so for me, it is the perfect metal for both everyday wear and special occasions!

Rose Gold Necklaces


The first necklace features a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal covered Cinderella Castle hanging down from two interlocking stars.  One of the stars contains more Swarovski Crystals and the other is a beautiful shiny rose gold.  This necklace makes me think of the fabulous fireworks above Cinderella Castle!


The second necklace is this Swarovski Crystal charm necklace.  It features a Mickey charm and a star charm!  I immediately started to sing “When You Wish Upon a Star” when I saw this necklace!  It is the perfect piece for any Disney fan because it is both simple and stunning!

Rose Gold Bracelets


The first bracelet is this gorgeous Swarovski Crystal bow bracelet!  I am obsessed with bow jewelry, so this bracelet is definitely at the top of my list!  I also love that it is a bolo-style bracelet, so it is adjustable to fit pretty much any wrist!  Bangles fall off of my hands a lot, so adjustable bracelets are perfect for me!


This next bracelet is a fabulous Cubic Zirconia bow bracelet!  This one is a simple bangle style, but the bow actually serves as the clasp!  This bracelet is simply stunning, so I think I may have to get one of these too!  Minnie Mouse would definitely approve!

Rose Gold Earrings


I don’t have pierced ears, but pieces like these earrings make me want to go get them pierced immediately!  This adorable set of three pairs of bow earrings is absolutely fabulous!  There is a gold set, a silver set, and a rose gold set, so if you don’t feel like mixing metals, you will always have the right color bow earrings!  Since these dainty little bows are so cute, I’m considering buying them just to use them as little pins!

Which one of these pieces from the Rose Gold Disney Parks Collection Jewelry line is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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