Tokyo Disneyland Cracks Down on Wearing Costumes

With Halloween just a few days away, Tokyo Disneyland released a new set of guidelines for wearing costumes in the park. This rules are definitely more strict than what we have here in the US.


It’s not secret that guests love to dress up and cosplay when they visit Disney Parks. Whether they are visiting for Halloween, or just taking a family vacation, many guests get joy from dressing as their favorite characters. Now there are some new rules in place at Tokyo Disneyland on what guests can and cannot wear to the park.

For most the year, guests are not allowed to wear costumes or to cosplay to at the park. They do make some exceptions for small children who wish to dress up (can you imagine Disney without a million little Princesses running around?!), but adults are not allowed.

Adult guests are able to dress up for the Halloween celebration season (same as at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort), however Tokyo Disneyland has some regulations. So just what are these imposed costume rules?


  • Costumes with hems that drag along the ground are not allowed
  • No tight bodysuits that show off every contour of your nether regions.
  • On a similar note, outfits that show off too much skin are also unacceptable
  • No masks, makeup, or fake mustaches and beards that obscure the wearer’s facial features.
  • Costumes that are not a Disney character are prohibited.

That’s right! Only Disney character costumes are allowed!

So you want to dress like Dr. Who? Sorry, not allowed. What about your run of the mill Halloween witch? You better through on some Maleficent horns if you want to pull that one off. Thinking of dressing as a puppy dog? Only if it’s from 101 Dalmatians!

Now, it should be noted that Tokyo Disneyland and Sea take a pretty liberal attitude regarding the definition of “Disney character.” Obviously, characters from Disney animated works are permitted, but so are their Pixar corporate cousins. Live-action properties, such as the recent live-action Alice in Wonderland movies directed by Tim Burton, are also fair game.

Dressing up like Hannah Montana or National Treasure hero Benjamin Gates is also okay. In addition, costumes based on characters from Disney theme park attractions, stage shows, and parades are within the regulations.

So my Mary Poppins costume last year would have been acceptable, but my costume of Bellatrix from Harry Potter the year before would have been a no-go.

It’s interesting that Tokyo Disneyland is taking a strict stance on Disney-only costumes for the parks. Perhaps this is in response to inappropriate costume issues in the past?

What do you think of these rules? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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