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Top 10 Disney Gifts For Mother’s Day!!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and some of us may still be struggling for ideas. I know I am. My mother is not exactly the Disney addict that I am which makes it a tad bit harder for me to shop for her. Many of you may have mother’s that do love Disney and, for those people, I have decided to compile a list of some great Disney Mother’s Day ideas! I have a whole list that ranges in price so that, hopefully, there is something for everyone! Here are my top 10 Disney gifts for Mother’s Day!


1. Vera Bradley: Where’s Mickey– I am starting with this pattern because I feel like it is a hidden gem. The Disney Store is currently having their sale on Disney Vera Bradley Bags BUT it is only up to 30% if you buy 3 bags. Mouse To Your House has the “Where’s Mickey’’” print only available for around 50% off!!! CLICK HERE to get to this sale. It’s a steal!!


2. Disney Pandora Charms– Disney Pandora charms and jewelry are a perfect gift for any jewelry loving mother, if you can afford the price tag. These come in all kinds of designs, including Park exclusives. You can find the regular Disney charms at Pandora stores as well as Disney online. If you are looking for Park exclusive charms (like the one pictured above) you can try Disney Store online. Now, many people have this idea and therefore many are sold out so, if you are dying to find them and can’t, try a personal shopper! Mouse To Your House specializes in Park exclusive items and will surely be able to help!!!


3. Mickey Swirl Earring and Necklace Set– This set is adorable and quite affordable! I think it is perfect for any woman who loves to show her Disney Side! I know many women like to wear necklaces and earrings but not necessarily anything on their wrists so this would apply to those women. It is from the Disney Parks and isn’t at Disney Store online but I found it HERE online!


4. Cinderella Alex and Ani– Why specifically Cinderella Alex and Ani?? The reason is because they are super hard to find and absolutely fab! If you are at the Disney Parks, you should be able to find them but online they keep selling out! This has happened twice now. I found them still available HERE and I would snatch them up if you have a Cinderella fan as a mom!


5. Dooney & Bourke Runway Princess– Now you may be asking why specifically this print? The reason for that is because it was just released a couple of days ago and many people don’t even know it exists! They aren’t even available on Disney Store online yet!! If you are at Disney Parks, they are available at Marketplace Co-op at Downtown Disney but, if you are not there, they are available HERE online.

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6. Disney Infinity Scarves– These are the latest trend. Scarves are super popular and many women love to wear them so why not a Disney loving mom!! They are super affordable and also super hard to find. Some Hallmark stores still have them but many are sold out on Hallmark online. I found some HERE online!

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7. Disney Charm Bracelet– You may be thinking this looks like Pandora and why am I repeating myself. I promise I’m not losing it. This is a Disney charm bracelet and comes with the above charms but also has charms you can add. It is not Pandora but still has excellent ratings and is a fraction of the price!! Therefore, if you love the look and idea of Pandora but can’t afford it, you can try this option!!! It is just under $50! I found this amazing deal HERE.


8. Disney Alex and Ani– If Cinderella isn’t your mom’s thing and jewelry is, perhaps any other Disney Alex and Ani will make her smile?? There was another new release this week that might be up her alley or maybe she has a fave character. I would look at Disney Store online or Mouse To Your House for the perfect one.


9. Disney Vera Bradley– I promise I am not repeating myself. Now, I am including all Disney Vera Bradley because of the sale that the Disney Store is having on all Vera Bradley.  I am not taking back my previous choice of Where’s Mickey from Mouse To Your House. If that is the pattern you want, it is a better deal there. If it is another pattern you want, like the one above, it is a better deal at Disney Store right HERE. The above laser cut bag is so unique for Vera Bradley, it may be just what your mother will die for!


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10. Disney Water Bottle– I chose this because it is a great price, currently on sale, and everyone loves to have a great drink bottle! It’s good for work, working out, traveling and the list goes on. The above 2 are just a couple of the ones available at the Disney Store online. You can check out all they have HERE.


That’s it for my top 10 Disney Mother’s Day ideas. I hope that there was something you hadn’t thought of and it helps make your shopping easier!! Was one of these options especially good for you? Let us know in the comment box below!

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