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Top 10 Disney Extras You Need For A Disney Cruise!

I have been on my fair share of Disney cruises… enough to know that the lists you look at to pack for a Disney Cruise do not tell you about the little extras you need. Sure, bringing the right clothing and accessories are very important for any fashionista but what about the other things that push your trip from amazing to magical? Allow me to share the top 10 extras you need for a Disney Cruise!


1. Fish Extender– I have talked to you about Fish Extenders a few times, In fact, a fabulous guest blogger, Lisette Raynor, shared her experience  with Fish Extenders and how to use them. It’s a must read and will tell you why you need to have one!


2. Cruise Themed Tote Bag– You need something to carry your belongings to the pool or to Castaway Cay! Why not have a cute, cruise themed tote bag to do so?! It looks fabulous and adds a stylish flare to your pool/beach look!


3. Personalized Tumbler- If you have been on a Disney Cruise, you know that there are sodas and juices available on the pool deck 24/7. There are cups available there but bringing your own personalized, Cruise themed tumbler adds a bit of extra magic to grabbing a beverage. It’s also super handy!


4. Personalized Luggage Tags- I can honestly say that one of the best things I have done is gotten personalized luggage tags for the other Disney addicts going on our cruise with us. It’s an inexpensive, thoughtful gift that they can keep for the future. It also helps identify your bag when you need to find it amongst all the rest!


5. Disney Cruise Light Card– What is this? Have you ever been to the hotels where you need to put your key card in a slot to keep the lights going in the room? This allows you to not have to use your key card and have the lights already on when you come back to your room. Lisette wrote another fabulous article to tell us all about them HERE.


6. Autograph Book- Many of us know to bring our autograph book to the Parks for when we see the characters. Did you know that you are going to meet the characters on the cruise, as well? You most certainly will! A personalized, Disney Cruise autograph book adds a magical touch to any character lover’s vacay!


7. Group Shirts- Something you may not realize, if you haven’t been on a Disney Cruise, is that they announce your group when you board the ship. It’s a magical Disney touch that Disney is known for. I like to have group shirts  for embarking because the pictures are awesome! It makes us feel unified and special. You would be surprised how many people do it!


8. Door Magnets- I have shared how to decorate your cabin door before and I am going to mention it again. It’s so worth it! Not only can you find your door easily but it’s fun to make your cabin even more special. It’s also fun to see people’s faces when they walk past your door and check out your awesome decor!


9. Disney Pillow Cases- This one might not be something you have heard of before. The rules have changed on this, or so I have heard, but you used to be able to bring a personalized pillow case with you and have the characters sign it! It’s like an autograph book but better!


10. Disney Lanyard- Unlike at Disney Parks, you will not have a Magic Band to open your cabin door… yet. Until that happens, you may want to consider having a lanyard to keep your key card and ID with you. A Disney themed one is just the ticket! It will make your life so much easier!

These are the top 10 Disney extras you need to bring on a Disney cruise for some extra magic. Did we miss any? Have you tried any of these ideas? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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