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Top 10 Fashion Tips We Learned From Disney Films


I recently found an article on Pop Sugar about 15 fashion lessons from Disney Princesses. I read it and thought about it and realized there are so many more that they didn’t touch upon. After careful consideration, I compiled my own list! This is the top 10 fashion tips we (well I, but you probably did too) learned from Disney films!


Long Hair is Beautiful and Helpful!– Rapunzel showed us that, even though having long hair is a lot of work, it can be helpful. For example, getting in and out of high places and holding people hostage.


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Out Of The Norm Accessories!– Where would Ariel be without her Dinglehopper? Or Rapunzel without her frying pan? I admit the frying pan wasn’t necessarily fashion related but it was important and she did carry it like an accessory. You just never know when those unusual items will complete your fashion routine.  48c777abddf251613d857a2a23dd093f

Never Wear Too Much Makeup- This is a given and I would hope that most of you already know this but… who wants to look like the matchmaker from Mulan?? Too much makeup is not a good idea on so many levels.


Dress As The Person You Want To Become– Aladdin dressed as the person he wanted to become and he ended up married to the girl of his dreams and the Prince of Agrabah. This says something about dressing for success, don’t you think?                                                                                                                                              Glass_Slipper

Sometimes The Shoe Is Worth It– The Pop Sugar list stated the negative side of shoes but I am taking a different position. What would have happened if Cinderella didn’t have the glass slippers? Sure, she wouldn’t have lost one BUT  the prince also wouldn’t have been able to find her! I am an avid shoe lover so I am choosing to believe shoes are of the utmost importance!


Aprons Are More Stylish Than We Thought!– If Mary Poppins, Alice and Belle all wear aprons (plus many more I have not listed) then I think it’s safe to say that aprons are stylish. These characters exude grace and style! I’m not sure that I am going to wear one out in public like Belle or Alice but I will feel quite stylish in my own home!

Tanning Is Unnecessary–  I am not showing a picture here because I feel like it is self explanatory. Look at any of the images above and you will find that most of the Disney characters, that are of  caucasian decent, are quite pale or average. It is clear that they do not hang out in the sun or go to the tanning salon. No spray on tan for these ladies! As a fair skinned redhead and a nurse, I am making note of this.


Large Purses Are Not Only Stylish But Helpful– Mary Poppins proved that large bags are perfect for carrying things and showing your style. Thanks goodness. I love my Michael Kors Hamilton Bags and my Disney Loungefly Bowler Bags. They are also still all the rage this fall…. thank you Disney.

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Scarves Make A Wonderful Fashion Statement–  Listen, if Disgust thinks it’s good enough to wear, so do I!! Esmeralda wears one in her hair AND around her waist. Anita (101 Dalmations) wears one while outside and so does Mary Poppins. Point made. Scarves are a wonderful fashion statement and they are most perfect for fall!                                                                                                     525x525px-LL-7536a58e_princess_aurora_198 626d590a93150e5b67c7c85a51fe3cc0 Belle2

Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Bold Colors– Black and white are great for some but don’t be afraid to wear bright colors like yellow, pink, or green (Disgust). There is a rainbow of color out there and you can rock any color you want!

Now, you may not agree with my Top 10 list but, for me, these are 25 great fashion tips! Are there any you learned that we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comment box below!

Thanks to Disney for many of the photos!

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